About Us

“Our main goal is to make our clients happy. We strive to create the perfect smile
for everyone who visits Apple Denture & Implant Solutions.”

Serghei Ischenco
Denturist & Owner of Apple Denture & Implant Solutions

Your Denture Professionals in Scarborough and Port Hope

Dentures Are Our Specialty

Apple Denture & Implant Solutions is dedicated to provide the highest standard in denture care. Our team of licensed denture technicians, under the supervision of our denturists, work tirelessly to create your dentures for a perfect fit and a gorgeous smile, every time! For over 10 years, we helped many Toronto and Port Hope patients improve their self-esteem and enhance quality of life through the best possible customer service and the highest quality dentures.

We are specialists in the fabrication and fitting of dentures. Our growing database of clients and 5 star reviews demonstrate how we successfully restore cases that other practitioners are not even attempting to restore due to the high level of difficulty. What we do here at Apple Denture & Implant Solutionsis, first of all, educating you about your oral health and then giving you a professional guidance in choosing the denture treatment that best suits your requirements and lifestyle.

At Apple Denture & Implant Solutions we specialize in Implant dentures, Suction Lower dentures (SEMCD), along with providing the full array of denture services that include new dentures, relines and repairs directly to the public. In addition to that we collaborate with local dentists, oral surgeons, periodontists and other dental specialists to co-ordinate treatments and deliver the best care possible to our patients!

Meet Our Team

Serghei Ischenco, DD

Denturist and Owner

Serghei graduated with Honours from George Brown College, Toronto, in 2009. In 2011, he opened his own practice in Port Hope and in 2014 he took over an existing practice in Scarborough, ON. Apple Denture & Implant Solutions was born.

Serghei is an active member of The Denturist Association of Ontario, The Denturist Association of Canada and the Nobel Biocare Implant Study Club. He specializes in implant supported dentures as well as the “All-on-4” system, also known as “Teeth-in-a-Day”. He is also one of a few licensed practitioners in Ontario to provide SEMCD – Suction Effective Complete Lower Dentures, a new Japanese technology in denture industry.

Serghei has a lovely wife Olga and a great son Dylan. They love traveling, playing tennis, skiing and exploring outdoors. Serghei is also working on his childhood dream to play Saxophone. You can surely talk to him about anything from music and cooking to cosmic technology and marine expeditions.

Annie Feng, DD

Denturist (Scarborough)

Annie has been a licensed denturist since 2009 and has practised in Manitoba, Niagara Falls, the Grey Bruce County and Scarborough. She enjoys working with the elderly and helping others. Her wealth of knowledge is regularly expanded by numerous courses she takes. Annie is a strong believer in providing modern, efficient quality denture care to her patients.

In her spare time she enjoys travelling, cooking, spending time with her friends, family and her lovely husband as well as winding down with a good book.

Ayrine Diaz-Suthcliffe

Registered Dental Hygienist (Scarborough)

Ayrine has over 30 years of dental experience working in numerous offices as a dental hygienist. She will be eager to help you with all of your oral hygiene needs and instructions. Her very meticulous approach paired with a calm and inviting personality will surely make you comfortable and ready for an amazing cleaning appointment.

Ayrine values the time spent with her lovely family and takes healthy lifestyle seriously.

Paul Lai

Denture Technician (Scarborough)

Paul finished his studies at the Hong Kong Politechnical University Faculty of Dental Technology in mid 80’s. Since then he was closely engaged in working in the dental field and can boast a huge knowledge base and experience in denture fabrication. Thanks to his hands-on talent and desire to help others, you will surely get the most accurate dental restoration. His sense of humour and lovely personality makes him a great part of our team.

Paul loves spending time with his friends, family and his beautiful granddaughters. He also enjoys traveling, spending time outdoors and is always happy to share stories about his fishing adventures.

Stephanie Baxter

Denture Technician (Port Hope)

When it comes to precision and attention to detail, you have to look no further than Stephanie. After the discovery of her passion in the dental technology and graduating from George Brown College with distinction, she spent over 10 years working as a denture technician. Stephanie supervises our laboratory operations, making sure that our patients will get the best denture (oral prosthetic) possible.

Steph has an amazing well-balanced personality and a smile that will melt your heart. She is also an example of a super mom and can be a role model for a lot of people! She loves to spend time with her husband and 2 beautiful children.

Livia Munteanu

Office Manager (Scarborough)

Livia has been working in the dental field for more than 12 years. Being the office manager, all of Livia’s training and experience come into play! People love her cheerful smile, sense of humour and desire to help others.

In her spare time, Livia enjoys spending time with her husband, family and friends. She also loves movies, long walks and traveling around the world. Should you need a travel advice or a delicious Eastern-European recipe, don’t hesitate to ask her.

Claudine Wenenn

Office Manager (Port Hope)

Claudine has been working in the dental field for over 25 years. She brings a huge load of knowledge, experience and kindness to greet, treat and help our past, current and future patients. She is well – known to go out of her way to help people in any situation.

Aside from work she loves spending time with her big family. She is also an avid animal lover. Claudine’s dog and her huge orange cat Igor probably get more attention, love and care than Queen Elizabeth’s royal dogs.

“I believe that the key to a successful outcome is a thorough knowledge of the subject, mixed with proper treatment planning and an individual approach to every patient because each case is unique and special.”

Serghei Ischenco
Denturist & Owner of Apple Denture & Implant Solutions

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Our History

Apple Denture and Implant Solutions, also known as “Apple Dentures” among our patients, is a denture clinic serving patients at two locations – Scarborough and Port Hope. Our Port Hope location has been in the same place for over 10 years. It has changed the name a few times until we found our current fresh and easy-to-remember name. In 2014 we merged with Jorda Denture Clinic that has been delivering smiles to the residents of GTA for over 20 years. We are proud to win “Best denture clinic in Northumberland” award 7 years in a row.

Who is the Denturist?

A Denturist is a specialist in the fabrication and fitting of dentures. It takes three years of intensive studies in addition to numerous years of practice and continuing education to become an expert in what we do.

Looking For New Dentures?
Let’s Get Started!

During your complimentary consultation and examination you will get the opportunity to express all of your concerns, thoughts and desires for your new dentures. And we will have an opportunity to assess you oral condition and address your needs and questions.

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Why Choose Quality Dentures?

Your well-being depends on healthy nutrition. But even the healthies foods barely chewed and swallowed in big chunks due to the loss of teeth or ill-fitting dentures will cause you nothing but stomach problems. We notice that people start choosing less difficult foods to chew, thus altering their diets. Healthy raw vegetables, steaks, corn on the cob, salads and other delicious things are often eliminated.
Against the contrary belief that you have to suffer with dentures, you can rest assured that it is no longer necessary to be a hero and live through suffering. We use a variety of new modern materials, techniques and experience in order to make your dentures look natural, fit great and function well. In a matter of several weeks people normally forget that they have artificial teeth in their mouth.

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"Service was impeccable from start to finish"

I found my experience at the clinic was Totally professional from the send I walked in the door until I walked outEven the time on the phone arranging appointments was outstanding The personal and professional care provided made my visit comfortable and relaxed Would totally use your services again
I recommend this business to anyone!Efficient, very friendly and accommodating!I was very satisfied! Verena Flaro
Excellent customer service so happy with the speedy response. Very stressed with my cracked denture during the Covid-19 closures. I was so afraid my denture would break. Thankfully I was given a solution until Annie is able to open up her office! Thanks for the quick turnaround and problem solving remedy. Keep Safe, Stay Healthy.
There are three members of my family are lucky to be clients of Serghei Ischenco for many years. We are very happy with service, dedication, communication and professional level Sergei provides to us.Highly recommended!
Great service from very professional staf, friendly as well as receptionists.I am recommending them without hesitation.
This is my first visit to a doctor in Canada, I really enjoyed visiting the Apple Dentures & Implant Solutions Clinic.I received excellent service and quality work, and my doctor was a very friendly person. Thank you very much Sergey for your help
We were thrilled how professional the Denturists and staff took care of our 91 year old mother. The quality of workmanship was absolutely fantastic.
Sergei was able to recreate a denture for me after my dentist completely botched my first one. Very cost effective too. I recommend this location to everyone!
Awesome experience all around. No wonder they get rave reviews..they've earned them, client by client. From the second you walk in the door you feel comfortable and well-looked after. Quality workmanship, too!
My eye tooth has broken off. My dentist remove the root and I went to Apple Denture. The doctor made me an appliance with an attached tooth but has filled in a big gap and I got my smile back. Thank you so much Shirley O'Brien
Don't make you sit in the waiting room waiting they make their appointment times and keep them and if they can't they will let you know they're running late so you don't sit in there waiting room unnecessarily
8 years ago my wife needed new dentures and a friend sent us to Apple Denture. We are so thankful. Serghei did such a great job my wife said she could not believe it. When she needed a reline they were perfect, and now she has had more denture work that is fitting great. Cant thank them enough and recommend Apple Denture to everyone.

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