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Custom Partial Dentures

Apple Denture & Implant Solutions offers various types of Partial dentures to our patients. They range from basic Acrylic dentures that replace one or more missing teeth to a complex combination of durable titanium parts, invisible clips and natural-looking teeth.

Removable Partial dentures restore a person’s natural appearance and greatly improve their ability to chew and speak clearly. They are customized to a patient’s specific requirements. Partial dentures are usually made to replace one or more teeth.

Types and Styles of Partial Dentures

Partial dentures may be either tooth-supported or tooth and tissue-supported, with significant differences between these two types of dentures. The number of teeth remaining, and the position and stability of the adjacent teeth are some of the factors that help us determine the style and type of Partial dentures to be used. A variety of different materials are used to fabricate the Partial dentures including acrylics, a metal/acrylic combination or flexible thermoplastics.

For transitional or temporary replacement of missing teeth Acrylic Partial dentures are usually used. The meta/acrylic partial, commonly called a “Cast Partial,” is a more rigid and permanent style of denture. The metal is either a highly compatible chrome cobalt alloy or titanium, both of which are ultra-thin, light and strong. For a dual advantage, flexible thermoplastics are an option. This denture complements aesthetically and adds flexibility. To contribute to a healthy oral environment all partials are designed to be removable and should be removed at night.

Cast Partial Dentures

Cast Partial dentures are the most appropriate prosthesis to replace several, but not all missing teeth. Cast Partial dentures are a very durable, comfortable and rigid option. They can be designed to add teeth to it in the future, a task normally done within a day at our clinic. We use leading 3-D Scanning and 3-D Metal Printing technology (SLM – Selective Laser Melting) to produce the most accurately fitting metal frames currently available on the market.

Hybrid Cast Partial Dentures

Hybrid Cast Partial dentures are made using a 3-D Printed metal framework, but the clips that retain the denture in the mouth are made out of clear/pink flexible resin material to blend with your mouth and not show silver clips on your teeth. Hybrid Cast Partial dentures are easy to maintain since they allow teeth to be added to the denture if more are lost. When your gums recede, the denture can be relined.

Acrylic Partial Dentures

Acrylic Partial dentures are typically fabricated as a temporary/healing denture in the majority of cases. They are retained in the mouth with metal clips/hooks around some teeth present in the mouth. Acrylic Partial dentures are not recommended as a long-term solution since they will start hurting your gums when used for prolonged periods of time.

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Our #1 priority here at Apple Denture & Implant Solutions denture clinic is your satisfaction! Which means we stand by our service 100%, no matter what. If you have a problem, we will solve it. Fix it. Create a new denture for you. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to our customer service team. We’re here for you. 100% Smiles Guaranteed!


We take pride in delivering only the highest quality dentures that exceed our customers’ expectations.


Though we specialize in dentures, we address your overall oral health and well-being.


We are not satisfied until you are. We make sure you leave with a smile.

Partial Denture FAQs

What is a Partial denture?

Partial dentures are a great solution if you’re missing some teeth and want to get your smile back. Partial dentures can either have an acrylic, metal, or thermoplastic framework with natural looking teeth attached that connects to your existing teeth with discrete clips. They are customized to each patients’ specific requirements to provide optimal support and to look as natural as possible.

Do Partial dentures need to be removed at night?

Removable Partial dentures should be taken off, cleaned, and stored at night. Doing so will give your jaw bones and gums a chance to rest and recover from the pressure of wearing your Partial dentures throughout the day.

What is the best type of Partial denture?

The most commonly used option when it comes to Partial dentures is Cast Partial dentures. The metal framework is strong, thoroughly supports replacement teeth, and is a longer lasting solution compared to Acrylic Partial dentures. Apple Dentures is proud to offer Hybrid Cast Partial dentures, which is the best of both worlds – long lasting and precise, and also durable and comfortable.

Can you eat normally with Partial dentures?

Absolutely. With custom tailored and designed Partial dentures you are free to eat all of the foods that you love. However, there may be a short adjustment period in which you need to get used to the feeling of having dentures in your mouth.

Are Partial dentures noticeable?

Removable Partial dentures are a discrete solution to restore a person’s natural appearance. As they are customized to each patient’s specific requirements, they are made to fit perfectly, be discrete, and resemble the natural look of your existing teeth.
"Service was impeccable from start to finish"
For the first time in 12 years, my mom has dentures that actually work and look great! Thank you so much!!!
Apple Denture & implant solutions is the BEST!Luckily I got a referral from a good friend for a family member of mine. Serghei Ischenco (Denturist and Owner) took real good care of my mother. He took his time walking her through the entire process while being kind and professional.The entire experience exceeded my expectations! Latest state of the art equipment, clean and light atmosphere and friendly staff made us very welcome!
I came here and the lady at the front was very rude and was no help I came back to get my plate and met the owner. He’s a really good man he addressed my concerns about my experience when I came, and I felt heard and would recommend this place to anyone looking to get dentures or a plate
Apple denture is a wonderful place to have your dental needs doneIt’s clean and the staff is very very nice , polite and helpfulA special thank you to Truc Nguyen with her patience and understanding with my client
Really great experience. I’m on the apprehensive side and they took their time and answered all my questions and were vary patient.
Really great place, very clean clinic, friendly staff. They took care of an emergency before a long weekend for me
The doctor and staff are very nice and helpful I recommend this place if you have any dental work to be done
I'm very happy with the services here all the staff are very kind and professional I would highly recommend for anyone to have their denture needs to be met here!
A big difference was attained from their services not just the teeth but the kindness, caring and understanding of our individual needs. Thank you
Excellent place, the staff polite and great customer service they make every effort to serve the customers.Thanks.
Dr. Sergei was very helpful and accommodating. He provided all available options to fix my dentures if my current fix would not work.
Thankfull for your help, Serghei and Livia! I was able to process my insurance benefit! I am very thankful for your patience Livia for dealing so many question from my insurance and from me as well. 🤣 Merry Christmas to you guys! I thank you for your great service! ❤

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