Denturist Serghei Ischenco answers your questions

  • What should I do to keep my dentures clean?

    To name a few things that will stain your dentures are coffee, tea, red wine, tomato sauces, curries, medications and even your own saliva, You can help prevent plaque and tartar build-up, food stains, bad breath, mouth infections and redness or irritation to your gums by daily cleaning of you dentures and mouth.

    Here’s how – Remove your dentures and brush them right after meals, then rinse them with water. Always use a soft toothbrush and liquid dish or hand soap. NEVER use toothpaste as it is abrasive and will cause scratching of the denture materials. Be sure to use a separate toothbrush and regular toothpaste to clean any natural teeth, tongue and gum surfaces. Overnight, take your dentures out and immerse them in a denture bath filled with denture cleaner or simply mouthwash.

    And NEVER use bleach to clean or soak your dentures! This can weaken the structure of the dentures and discolor the acrylic surface. Always read the instructions for the denture cleaner you’re using and be sure you have the right type for your dentures.

    By following these instructions this will help you keep your dentures looking great and performing well.

  • How often should dentures be replaced?

    It is during the first two to three years your dentures will have the best fit, function and appearance. After this time all dentures can begin to feel loose or ill fitting due to normal shrinkage of bone and gums associated with tooth loss. This is natural and there is nothing that we can do to prevent it. Your bite is also a factor affecting the “life” of your dentures. Dentures that have worn down will inevitbly cause sore jaw muscles and possible headaches. Teeth that are worn can put stress on your dentures and cause them to break.

    A denture relining is recommended every two to three years to help restore the fit, but it is also recommended that dentures be replaced every five to eight years. An annual appointment to your denturist at Apple Denture & Implant Solutions will help ensure that you are aware of the condition of your dentures and avoid potential problems.

  • Why do my upper and lower dentures fit differently?

    To adjust to your new dentures it will take some time. This is due to the muscles in your face having developed around your previous teeth or dentures and now need time to adapt to something new.

    Missing teeth have caused the bone and gums to recede and shrink over time causing the inside of your mouth to slowly, and actually get smaller. Because of the shrinking and receding of bone in order to keep your regular facial appearance with the new dentures your mouth will need to slowly get larger — every set of new dentures comes with the experience you had when wearing dentures for the first time. All dentures will fit differently and therefore require time for the tissues of your mouth to adjust to them. In a very short time we know you will adjust and be quite pleased with your new dentures from Apple Denture & Implant Solutions.

  • How long will it take to make my new dentures?

    To fabricate your custom dentures several steps are required — generally four to six appointments with one custom fitting per week.

    The first step is for Preliminary Impressions — where we will take moulds of your mouth. Customized impression trays of your mouth will be ready when you next visit.

    The second step is for Final Impressions — we’ll create a custom, final model that we will use to fabricate your dentures.

    The third step is where we will Record Your Bite and establish your jaw relationship so that your dentures will align perfectly. At this appointment we will together be choosing the tooth shade or color that most closely matches your natural teeth.

    The fourth step focuses on a “Try In” — you’ll actually try your denture out (in wax) and see how they will look. Your bite will be re-checked too. When you’re satisfied with the bite, esthetics and speaking ease, you can move on to the next, and final, step!

    Step five is The Finish! — your new dentures have been fabricated from the wax sample you tried out at the last visit and are now ready for you to take home.
 A few days after insertion you will come into the clinic for a Post-Insertion Appointment. This is to be doubly sure your new dentures are perfect for you and we’ll make any adjustments that may be necessary.

    At Apple Denture & Implant Solutions, it’s important to us that you have a positive experience — we want to provide custom dentures that will make you comfortable and confident—and keep you smiling!

  • What are the differences between Precision and Standard dentures?

    The materials that dentures are fabricated with differ widely in quality and composition. Artificial teeth, “dentures” are made in a wide variety of shapes, shades and with varying degrees of hardness.

    Our Precision Dentures are made with the highest quality materials available today using supplementary techniques that are not normally included in the making of “standard” dentures. All precision dentures appear more natural and fit more comfortably.

    Standard Dentures are fabricated by using “basic” tooth shapes, shades and materials and thus are less expensive. The Standard dentures may wear down faster and will need to be replaced more often than Precision dentures—making them not as economical in the long term. Which ever treatment you decide upon, here at Apple Denture & Implant Solutions are committed to providing our clients with the best possible fit, function and appearance.

  • What is the difference between full and partial dentures?

    Full dentures are recommended for people who are missing all of their natural teeth — upper, lower or both. Custom-fabricated dentures from Apple Denture & Implant Solutions will allow you to enjoy the foods you love as well as restore your natural smile and your self confidence.

    If you have some teeth remaining, partial dentures can be crafted to replace what’s missing. These are for people who only need to replace some of their missing teeth. Custom dentures greatly improve your chewing and speaking abiliy while restoring your natural appearance.

    At Apple Denture & Implant Solutions we offer a variety of dentures to satisfy any need.

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