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Immediate Dentures

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What are Immediate Dentures

The immediate dentures are removable dentures that are inserted on the same day that the remaining teeth are removed. The advantage of this technique is that you avoid having to live without your teeth while your gums and jawbone complete the healing process. They also serve as a bandage to control bleeding and protect gum tissue after the extractions of teeth.

The procedure involves taking impressions of your natural teeth while they are still present. After that, we are able to create a denture that is modeled from your natural teeth as well as make any necessary modifications you might want. After your natural teeth are extracted by your dentist, your immediate dentures are inserted by our denturist.

What to Expect with Immediate Dentures

Certain esthetic compromises may be necessary due to the timing between teeth extractions and insertion of your new dentures due to patients not able to try the denture in your mouth for fit prior to extraction. It is very important that you carefully follow the post-operative instructions of your denturist and oral surgeon.

Denture adjustments may also be required as healing occurs. Your oral tissues will change, and we always recommend a follow-up appointment to check on the fit and to make sure that there are no first signs of infection present in the mouth following the extractions. A temporary liner, or tissue conditioner may be placed in the denture during the next few months due to the continual shrinking of bone and gum tissue and subsequent loosening of the denture. The rate of change will reduce over time — it is a natural occurrence and is to be expected. After the healing process is complete, either a new permanent full denture will be fabricated or your dentures will require to be relined or rebased, to ensure that you have the most comfortable fit.

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"Service was impeccable from start to finish"

My new dentures are awesome. Absolutely love them. Bottoms stay in without any "glue". Everyone there is super nice. Sergei is very meticulous in taking measurements and making sure your dentures fit properly, and suit you. Wish I had have known about them years ago when I got my first set. Would highly recommend to anyone
Hello I am a very very happy customer who received the best professional help from this denture clinic...I am sincerely grateful and would recommend anybody and everybody 😊 to check them out THANK YOU GUYS!!!! Happy Holidays ☃️🎄❄️⛄️ all the best for the upcoming New Year u guys went above and beyond for me 💯
I needed a new denture . In the past I have used another facility. This time I chose Apple Denture and I was not disappointed.Staff is very friendly and location convenient. Interior is clean and modern but the real deal is Dr. Serghei. He is professional, extremely friendly, communicative, ready to explain and answer all your questions. My denture is perfect and I couldn't expect more.I am very pleased and I will go back there in the future without any doubts. The lab is onsite and any repair or adjustment will be done within minutes. I strongly recommend Apple Denture.
I would strongly recommend Serghei at apple dentures. He is very precise and thorough and not satisfied with the dentures until perfect. I will not go anywhere else.
I broke my front crown 1 week before my vacation!! My dentist was able to get me a plate quickly but unfortunately it did not fit quite right and was not comfortable. I called Apple Denture and I explained the time sensitivity of my emergency and the discomfort of the plate I was given and Mr. Ichenco without question, stayed late to accommodate my needs.From the moment I entered the office to his fitting my temporary plate absolutely perfectly, the level of professionalism and care that was shown was above and beyond. I would 100% recommend this team to anyone that needs this kind of work!!
Highly recommended. Excellent customer service complemented by great peofessionalism and high quality work.
My mother needed a tooth added to an existing denture and the folks at Apple were excellent - job was done quickly and the results were excellent. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful and very kind to my 95 year old mother. Many thanks to everyone at Apple Denture!!
High quality, natural looking product at reasonable cost.The services are top of the line.I strongly recommend Apple Denture Clinic.
First visit. Dr. Sergei calmed my fears, very professional and kind. I can SMILE again. Thank you and your staff.
I have been a client for well over 10 years and could not be happier or more impressed with the incredible professionalism and service I have received EVERY TIME I have been there. Serghei.always makes me feel relaxed and carefully explains every step. He even told me about a serious potential problem and helped me find the correct solution to fix it. If you have dentures or need new ones Apple Denture is the ONLY place to go.
Very artistically crafted dentures suited to my need with care and attention. Serghei is very pleasant and courteous in dealing with me. I am expressing my fullest satisfaction with his work and I wish him well.
Absolutely thrilled with my new dentures! They fit perfectly and they were made very quickly also. The staff is very friendly and professional. I would highly recommend Apple Denture &Implants for great service!

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