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Repairs and Relines

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Apple Denture & Implant Solutions provides same day denture repairs and relines in Scarborough and Port Hope. Dentures can crack/break in many situations. In cases when the denture breaks in the mouth, there is usually an underlying problem that caused it to crack or break. We will examine your mouth and your prosthesis to determine what exactly happened and fix it so it will not happen again. Most denture repairs are done the same day. Emergency repairs are done in 1-2 hours.


After teeth are extracted from your mouth, there is a non-stop, irreversible process known as bone shrinkage, or bone resorption that will occur for the rest of your life. Your bone rapidly shrinks within the first 6-12 month after extractions. After that a reline is needed every 2-3 years to restore the fit of the denture and re-adapt it to your gums. Following reline, you will notice decreased accumulation of food under the denture, along with an improved fit and comfort.

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Our #1 priority here at Apple Denture & Implant Solutions denture clinic is your satisfaction! Which means we stand by our service 100%, no matter what. If you have a problem, we will solve it. Fix it. Create a new denture for you. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to our customer service team. We’re here for you. 100% Smiles Guaranteed!

Denture Reline & Rebase FAQs

Our #1 priority here at Apple Denture & Implant Solutions denture clinic is your satisfaction! Which means we stand by our service 100%, no matter what. If you have a problem, we will solve it. Fix it. Create a new denture for you. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to our customer service team. We’re here for you. 100% Smiles Guaranteed!

How often should you have dentures relined?
This can depend on a number of factors. A soft reline will last between 1 and 2 years, while a hard reline can last between 2 and 3 years. Other factors include how well cared for the dentures are, the patient’s oral hygiene habits, and the rate of degradation of the patient’s gums and bone structure.
What is the difference between a hard reline and a soft reline?
The difference between these types of relines lies in the materials that are used. A hard reline uses materials that are similar to the hardened materials used to make the base of the denture. A soft reline uses softer materials that tend to be more comfortable for the patient when wearing the denture.
Can I reline my dentures myself?
We would not recommend you relining your dentures. Odds are that doing so on your own will result in your dentures not fitting properly, and will put you at risk of irritating your gums and accelerating the degradation process. In the best-case scenario, this will lead to the dentures needing more work to properly fix the lining, which will cost you more. In the worst-case scenario, you may need to have the denture replaced altogether.
What is the difference between a reline and a rebase?
A denture rebase is a more comprehensive adjustment of your denture. Rather than replacing the lining on the tissue side of the denture, a denture rebase replaces all of the acrylic material in the base of the denture. This type of adjustment is used when the teeth are in good condition, but the base needs a large adjustment that can’t be solved by a reline alone.


From the equipment, tools and components we use to the superior work we perform, count on us for quality.


Though we specialize in dentures and implants, we also address your overall oral health and well-being.


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"Service was impeccable from start to finish"

For many years Serghei and his team helped me with dentures and later with implants.The office also keeps high level hygiene protocols.I am very mush satisfied with help I had with this team. I recommending to patients looking for help use this office.Dr. Zakhar Simkhovitch, Md, PhD
New technology was fast efficient and painless. My dentures fit perfect and the service at Apple is fantastic.
Excellent service,great denture quality, affordable. For any denture work is the logical choice for anyone.
Any person requiring any kind of dental work would do themselves proud by going to Apple Dentures on hwy 2 in Port Hope. They treated me in an excellent way and I’m so very happy I went to get my dental work done there. They were very respectful towards me and did what I needed to have done with no one trying to talk me out of doing what I needed to have do also with respect and friendliness. I thank them so much for their respect of me and their friendliness and respect towards me.
This place is amazing !! My mother was having issues with her teeth and she needed to have it replaced immediately. After a bit of research and a quick phone call we ended up here. They were so friendly over the phone and they took us in same day ! That was music to my moms ears of course cause it was one of her front teeth.Sergei and his team are amazing within a day my mother had a denture for her missing tooth. The entire staff so friendly HONEST and the place is extremely affordable ! It really is refreshing to deal with such honesty especially in the current climate.More recently my mother had a mishap again and we were able to get in the next day, as usual they treated us amazing they did not try to oversell anything they recommended amazing options for her and honest ones. Within 24 hours my mother was good to go with a new great quality denture !Its important for me to note especially given my moms age and the current covid climate that the place is extremely clean and has excellent hygiene and followed all health guidelines.To sum it all up, extremely professional, affordable, excellent customer service, great communication and conveniently located. No reason to go anywhere else A++++
I am glad we chose to go with Dr. Serghei at Apple Denture; I don't think anyone could have done a better job than Dr. Serghei. He is very friendly, accommodating and makes you feel comfortable. He answered all our questions in a calm and patient manner. The dentures are of high quality and he did amazing measurements and assessments to get the best fitting dentures for my mom. He spent alot of time with us and was never in a rush. I would definitely recommend Dr. Serghei to anyone looking for dentures.
Great experience at Apple Denture in Port Hope. Claudine make you feel very comfortable on the first visit. Sergei is very very professional and meticulous. He explains in details all he’s doing and the reason why. The difference in my dentures is amazing. Sergei got my smile back and that without making a huge difference in the look. Excellent fitting prosthetic devices and minor modifications done very quickly. Highly recommended! Thank you Sergei and Staff.
It's been a pleasure working with Apple Denture & Implant Solutions. The professionalism and kindness are unparalleled. The attention to detail on behalf of the team is fantastic. We are amazed at their high level of communication via all avenues - email, social media and telephone etc.Definitely the best denture clinic in Toronto!
My old denture was broken several months ago so I found the apple denture trough computer. They were quite helpful and fixed my old denture same day. since l was happy with their work and service I ordered a new one. Their charge was responsible and work was good l am happy with the new one. The staff are very friendly and their work is quite satisfactory. I recommend apple denture to everyone.
.I highly recommend this clinic. The team is very pleasant and professionalSerghei ,the manager, is very knowledgeable that uses the latest materials and technology in his clinic
Dentures were made & fitted to my complete satisfaction . Mr.ischenco is an absilute professinal and knows his job very well. Pleased with the follow up services assisted by the Receprion. Great job !
Apple Denture fixed and old problem and I have been smiling ever since. Apple Denture has now done work for myself and my husband. I would highly recommend.

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