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Denture Repairs

Apple Denture & Implant Solutions provides same day denture repairs and relines in Scarborough and Port Hope. Dentures can crack/break in many situations. In cases when the denture breaks in the mouth, there is usually an underlying problem that caused it to crack or break. We will examine your mouth and your prosthesis to determine what exactly happened and fix it so it will not happen again. Most denture repairs are done the same day and emergency repairs can even be done within 1-2 hours.

Denture Relines

After teeth are extracted from your mouth, there is a non-stop, irreversible process known as bone shrinkage, or bone resorption that will occur for the rest of your life. Your bone rapidly shrinks within the first 6-12 months after extractions. After that a reline is needed every 2-3 years to restore the fit of the denture and re-adapt it to your gums. Denture relining is necessary for your dentures to fit properly in your mouth. The frequency and number of denture relines that you’ll need depends on the changes in tissue and bone resorption, which can be influenced by a variety of factors:

• Loss of weight
• Poor oral hygiene
• Medication & substance use
• Disease or illness

Following a denture reline, you will notice decreased accumulation of food under the denture, along with an improved fit and increased comfort.

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Types Of Denture Relines

There are three main types of denture relines: soft, hard, and temporary. Each type of denture reline is applicable based on the extent of tissue and bone resorption and the type of denture currently being worn.

Soft Denture Reline: A soft reline is a great solution if your gums are tender and your dentures are causing sore spots in your mouth. A soft denture reline involves a cushioned buffer between your gum tissue and your dentures. The liner keeps your dentures in place and ensures a comfortable and accurate fit. A soft reline will typically last for a year or two.

Hard Denture Reline :A hard denture reline works the same way that a soft denture reline does, but with a more solid material for a longer lasting solution. A hard denture reline is typically done for full dentures and ensures maximum contact between your dentures and your gums for a perfect fit.

Temporary Denture Reline: A temporary denture reline is reserved for patients with very sore gums. Temporary denture relines help reduce inflammation and swelling of gums and are intended to be used for only a couple of weeks until a new denture or hard denture reline is the appropriate solution.

 Denture Rebase

A denture rebase procedure is typically required after ~5 years of wearing the same set of dentures. The acrylic material of your denture base wears out much faster than the denture teeth themselves and with the changes in your gum tissues as well, your dentures won’t fit nearly as well after several years.

A denture rebase replaces the base of your denture to ensure a more comfortable and more precise fit. Rather than getting a whole new set of dentures, consider rebasing your dentures instead. Apple Denture Clinic provides a wide variety of denture solutions to help restore and repair your dentures to look and feel just like new. Contact us today to book a free no-obligation consultation or to schedule a denture repair appointment!

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Newly Rebased Dentures

Our 100% Smiles Guarantee

Our #1 priority here at Apple Denture & Implant Solutions denture clinic is your satisfaction! Which means we stand by our service 100%, no matter what. If you have a problem, we will solve it. Fix it. Create a new denture for you. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to our customer service team. We’re here for you. 100% Smiles Guaranteed!


We take pride in delivering only the highest quality dentures that exceed our customers’ expectations.


Though we specialize in dentures, we address your overall oral health and well-being.


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Denture Reline & Rebase FAQ

What is the difference between a reline and a rebase?

A denture rebase is a more comprehensive adjustment of your denture. Rather than replacing the lining on the tissue side of the denture, a denture rebase replaces all of the acrylic material in the base of the denture. This type of adjustment is used when the teeth are in good condition, but the base needs a large adjustment that can’t be solved by a reline alone.

How often should you have dentures relined?

This can depend on a number of factors. A soft reline will last between 1 and 2 years, while a hard reline can last between 2 and 3 years. Other factors include how well cared for the dentures are, the patient’s oral hygiene habits, and the rate of degradation of the patient’s gums and bone structure.

Why is denture relining necessary?

Denture relining is a pretty routine procedure for denture wearers that helps ensure a comfortable fit. You should consider getting your dentures relined if:

  • Your dentures become loose
  • You feel pinching or rubbing on your gums
  • Your teeth are extracted 
  • Your dentures have just been repaired
  • You are experiencing constant discomfort

What is the difference between a hard reline and a soft reline?

The difference between these types of relines lies in the materials that are used. A hard reline uses materials that are similar to the hardened materials used to make the base of the denture. A soft reline uses softer materials that tend to be more comfortable for the patient when wearing the denture.

Why would I need to get my dentures rebased?

A denture rebase is a more drastic adjustment of your dentures and is typically needed when the denture teeth are in great condition, but the acrylic base needs to be adjusted. A denturist might recommend getting your dentures rebased if:

  • The base of your dentures is becoming weak
  • Your dentures aren’t fitting comfortably
  • You’ve damaged or broken your dentures
  • You want to make your immediate dentures your permanent set of dentures

How often should you get your dentures rebased?

The exact timeframe varies from one patient to the next depending on how rapidly their gums change shape, how they maintain their dentures, and their oral hygiene habits. However, on average denture wearers should consider rebasing their dentures after 5 years to ensure a more comfortable and precise fit.

Can I reline my dentures myself?

We would not recommend you relining your dentures. Odds are that doing so on your own will result in your dentures not fitting properly, and will put you at risk of irritating your gums and accelerating the degradation process. In the best-case scenario, this will lead to the dentures needing more work to properly fix the lining, which will cost you more. In the worst-case scenario, you may need to have the denture replaced altogether.
"Service was impeccable from start to finish"
For the first time in 12 years, my mom has dentures that actually work and look great! Thank you so much!!!
Apple Denture & implant solutions is the BEST!Luckily I got a referral from a good friend for a family member of mine. Serghei Ischenco (Denturist and Owner) took real good care of my mother. He took his time walking her through the entire process while being kind and professional.The entire experience exceeded my expectations! Latest state of the art equipment, clean and light atmosphere and friendly staff made us very welcome!
I came here and the lady at the front was very rude and was no help I came back to get my plate and met the owner. He’s a really good man he addressed my concerns about my experience when I came, and I felt heard and would recommend this place to anyone looking to get dentures or a plate
Apple denture is a wonderful place to have your dental needs doneIt’s clean and the staff is very very nice , polite and helpfulA special thank you to Truc Nguyen with her patience and understanding with my client
Really great experience. I’m on the apprehensive side and they took their time and answered all my questions and were vary patient.
Really great place, very clean clinic, friendly staff. They took care of an emergency before a long weekend for me
The doctor and staff are very nice and helpful I recommend this place if you have any dental work to be done
I'm very happy with the services here all the staff are very kind and professional I would highly recommend for anyone to have their denture needs to be met here!
A big difference was attained from their services not just the teeth but the kindness, caring and understanding of our individual needs. Thank you
Excellent place, the staff polite and great customer service they make every effort to serve the customers.Thanks.
Dr. Sergei was very helpful and accommodating. He provided all available options to fix my dentures if my current fix would not work.
Thankfull for your help, Serghei and Livia! I was able to process my insurance benefit! I am very thankful for your patience Livia for dealing so many question from my insurance and from me as well. 🤣 Merry Christmas to you guys! I thank you for your great service! ❤

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