Your First Appointment

Book your Denture Appointment

At your first appointment you will be greeted by our lovely front desk staff, then you will need to fill out an office form. If you are a new patient, please arrive 10-15 minutes early to complete the paperwork. Otherwise please find the “New Patient Form” available for download. Please print it out and fill in the necessary information. Should you need help in filling the form out, please bring it will you and one of our staff will gladly help you.

Meet your Denturist

After the paperwork is complete, you will see the denturist. We will go over the medical history, your current oral conditions, needs and concerns. According to the intra-oral findings and condition of your current dentures (if you have any) we will present treatment options that are available and are best for treating your specific condition.

Answering your questions

Usually our patients have an array of questions and we will definitely answer all of them because we believe that every person needs to be informed in detail about their oral conditions and how to get the best treatment possible.


Take your diagnostic impressions at the first appointment in order to plan the treatment better.

Onsite denture laboratories

Both of our locations boast fully-functional denture laboratories. Unlike other places where your case is being sent to the off-site lab, all of our work does not leave our premises. This ensures the highest quality of work and quick turnaround so you can start smiling quicker!

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