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We live our lives, socialize and eat. With that, occasionally, we experience accidents that cause missing or damaged teeth.

Age isn’t always kind and accidents do happen. Most of us eventually find ourselves among the number of Canadians who end up with missing teeth, who lose confidence, and who are overwhelmed with not knowing what to do.

Luckily, in consultation with a denturist, you’ll find out there’s a way forward. In fact, you have several!

Consider the multiple types of dentures. When you compare and contrast implant dentures, traditional dentures, and dental bridges, implant-supported dentures come out as the clear winner in cases when all of the teeth are missing. In look, feel, and function, they’re a superior product.

Thousands of Canadians this year alone will get implant dentures, because of the quality and benefits.

Why should you get implant dentures? Here are a few reasons.

Eat Anything

Missing teeth or low-quality dentures both come with limitations on what you can eat. If you’re searching for a way to enjoy the foods you used to be able to, without worrying about dentures sliding around, try implant dentures.

This reason alone is why so many turn to implant-supported dentures as opposed to traditional dentures.

Maintain Oral Health

Missing and damaged teeth can cause all sorts of issues, including a lack of care around one’s oral health.

Implant dentures inspire patients to take better care of themselves, in this way. It stimulates the jawbone, ensures one’s mouth receives the support it needs to maintain its shape, and ensures easy access to any remaining teeth. If you’ve been neglecting the day-to-day care of maintaining your oral health, use dentures as an inspiration to get back into the game.

Improve Quality of Speech

Speech can become impaired when there are teeth missing. Add in a lesser-quality type of dentures, the quality and ability of speech are not necessarily going to improve just because a patient has a new pair of dentures.

No slurring. No physical impairments. No re-learning how to talk. Implant dentures do the work. Replicating real teeth – at least, as close as any dentures will get – this helps a great deal in sharpening one’s speech.


Over time, conventional dentures can fall apart under the wear-and-tear of daily use. Maintenance-free implant dentures don’t have the same trouble.

Robust and incredibly durable, implant dentures offer better quality in design and function. An implant works as a root. The bridge – usually made from zirconia, ceramic or porcelain – is held on this implant. As long as they are treated with care, implant dentures are durable enough to last a lifetime.

Improve Your Appearance

Try to think of someone who looks good with missing teeth. Can you name a single person – probably not.

Someone who values their facial appearance and/or who is uncomfortable about the look of missing teeth can rest assured that having real-to-the-touch, detailed, and precise implant dentures gets around this problem.

Improve Your Confidence

Confidence takes a huge hit when you’re walking around with missing or damaged teeth. Even at the best of times, it can have a detrimental effect and inform decisions you make in your personal and professional life.

With implant-supported dentures, you restore a look that’s more complete and with that, confidence comes back.

Improve Your Self-Esteem

Once you’re back to your former glory, you know you can move forward with more self-esteem.

A lot of patients understandably report feeling so much happier after they have their implant dentures in. They don’t have any more excuses. Nothing has to stop them from chasing their dreams. If they’ve been looking to approach someone for a new relationship, apply for a promotion, or make other moves to improve their quality of life, self-esteem’s not going to be a problem.

Prevents Bone Loss

When you lose a tooth, the empty area slowly starts to see the bone erode. The jaw needs stimulation to stay strong. When there isn’t a root for a bite to activate and press down into the bone, the jaw in part loses its reason for being. If you’ve ever seen someone with a sunken appearance around their mouth, this usually comes from missing teeth and bone resorption.

More than any other dentures, implant dentures prevent bone loss by acting as your root continually stimulating your jaw just like would be the case if real teeth were involved.

Feels Like Natural Teeth

Implant dentures feel very close to natural teeth, comfortable and ordinary. Typical dentures, especially if you’re wearing them for the first time, can cause immense discomfort. They also require removal for cleaning every night to keep them looking their best.

As implant-supported dentures are worn, it’s as close to comfortable, natural teeth as any dentures will allow.

If you are missing teeth, please get in touch. We can help. Schedule an appointment with a denturist for a one-on-one consultation. Apple Denture Clinic will provide all the information a patient needs to make the decision on what dentures are right for them. We can evaluate you for candidacy for implant dentures, highlighting not only implant dentures but other possible options and the differences between them. Contact us now.