Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Why Are Implant Dentures The Top Rated Dentures In Canada?
Patients looking for the best quality dentures are usually recommended dental implants in Canada.

No wonder that implant-supported dentures are considered by most to be the #1 denture type in Ontario since this is the solution to common denture problems such as loose dentures, combined with a precise fit, quality materials, and a long lifespan.

More and more Canadians are going with implant dentures to avoid hassle that come with traditional dentures.

The Latest in Tech

Implant dentures are a step above what most of us have seen worn by our parents and grandparents.

It’s due to advancements in denture technology as well as the development of new denture techniques that has paved the way for implant-supported dentures to offer transformative and lasting results.

They Last Longer

What patients love about implant dentures in Toronto is knowing there’s probably not a replacement cost coming in a few years.

These are not removable dentures that will go through their fair share of wear-and-tear. Implant dentures are designed to last much longer with very little maintenance and very few repairs.

Look And Function

Custom implant dentures offer everything a patient wants in natural-looking teeth and functioning.

The strength of the materials used in dentures restores almost 98% of normal biting and chewing function, indistinguishable from how one would use real teeth. Once the implant dentures are placed, a patient can begin experiencing the benefits immediately.

The result is sturdy, attractive teeth that allow you to smile, talk, and eat comfortably.

No Special Maintenance

One of the short-term benefits a patient will find with implant-supported dentures is there’s limited maintenance involved.

They don’t require suction to remain in place or pastes because they’re fastened. Outside of normal brushing and flossing, there’s not a whole lot else one needs to ensure they get the most from their implant dentures.

Less Bone Loss

Normal removable dentures fit snuggly over the jaw ridge and gum line. The result is only momentarily beneficial.

What happens over time is that the bone ridge of the jaw resorbs and shrinks. The jawbone maintains its shape from the constant stimulation of natural teeth as a person bites down. Unfortunately, as removable dentures sit on top of the ridge and aren’t providing the same pressure, there’s no stimulation to keep the jawbone strong. Further complicating things, a patient’s experience with dentures sitting on a shrinking jawbone is pain and discomfort.

Now, try implant dentures. Implant dentures do not sit on top of the jawbone. The denture is fastened directly to it, with implants secured in the bone. The pressure of biting down translates across these implants, acting in a way like natural teeth. The result is stimulation on the bone, helping it maintain its current form and reducing the likelihood of bone loss or shrinking.

A Simple Process

Most people who are coming to implant-supported dentures have already experienced difficulties with other denture types or trying to make things work with missing teeth. That’s frustrating.

Though a person needs to be assessed for implant dentures, if one is deemed a candidate, a denturist can outline the simple multi-appointment process to get you from the consultation to walking away with the finished product set in your mouth.

Due to the nature of implant dentures requiring surgery, multiple appointments are required. Fortunately, the overall process is very straightforward. The time taken along the way reduces mobility issues, pain in fitting the dentures, and any placement issues that can come with traditional dentures.

Walk out of the office feeling healthy, comfortable, attractive, and confident, with high-quality precise dentures.

A Perfect Fit

Loose dentures aren’t fun. They cause worry when they will start sliding around. They also prevent a patient from pursuing their favourite activities, such as singing, laughing, eating with friends, and more, all out of fear that their dentures will fall out.

Implant dentures are fastened in the mouth. As long as they are correctly put in, there’s no movement.

The stability of implant-supported dentures is nothing short of excellent. You can enjoy all your favourite foods without issue, from chewy, tough foods to crunchy foods. Patients love their implant dentures.

A Beautiful Smile

A lot of people come to Apple Denture & Implant Solutions Clinic simply wanting to look like themselves again, complete with a smile that they once loved but maybe – due to missing teeth – isn’t there, anymore.

From the moment implant dentures are delivered, they instantly reinvigorate your look. In just a few appointments, a patient restores their smile and sets themselves up with a tool they can use for years to support their confidence.

Consider the benefits of implant dentures. There is no better option and the patients who take them on end up absolutely loving them! Though other denture solutions are cheaper, the long-term benefits are worth it. No discomfort. No frustration. No maintenance. Schedule a denture consultation today at Apple Denture Clinic & Implant Solutions Clinic.