Who is a Denturist

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A Denturist is a specialist in the fabrication and fitting of dentures. It takes three years of intensive studies in addition to numerous years of practice and continuing education to become an expert in what we do.

Oral Health education

What we do here at Apple Dentures is first of all educating you about your oral health and then giving you professional guidance in choosing the denture that best suits your requirements and lifestyle.

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During your consultation and examination you will get the opportunity to express all of your concerns, thoughts and desires for your new dentures. And we will have an opportunity to assess you oral conditions and address your needs.

Why should I choose quality dentures?

Your well-being depends on healthy nutrition. But even the healthies foods barely chewed and swallowed in big chunks due to the loss of teeth or ill-fitting dentures will cause you nothing but stomach problems. We notice that people start choosing less difficult foods to chew, thus altering their diets. Healthy raw vegetables, steaks, corn on the cob, salads and other delicious things are often eliminated.

Against the contrary belief that you have to suffer with dentures, you can rest assured that it is no longer necessary to be a hero and live through suffering. We use a variety of new modern materials, techniques and experience in order to make your dentures look natural, fit great and function well. In a matter of several weeks people normally forget that they have artificial teeth in their mouth.

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