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Dentures from a highly-rated denture clinic in Toronto like Apple Denture and Implant Solutions Clinic are built well, customized to the patient, and are meant to last a very long time. They’re almost miracle workers, restoring a patient’s smile and function that they may have not had in some time.

Sometimes, even with the best of intentions and care, dentures can necessitate an eventual replacement.

When your dentures are no longer offering what they once did in aesthetics or function, it may be time to speak with your denturist about a denture replacement. Here are indicators to watch for and points to consider when speaking with a denturist on a reline or replacement.

Length of Time

Some patients come to denturists like Apple Denture and Implant Solutions seeking new dentures or a replacement simply because they believe it to be the time.

It is common, with continued use, for dentures to require a replacement every 5-8 years. That said, if you feel the need for a replacement, any patient assessed and deemed a candidate is able to receive a new set of dentures.

To ensure no major issues present themselves gradually over time, it is standard to check your dentures once a year. Sometimes, minor adjustments over time can save you a replacement. Denturists can also provide you an ideal time frame on when a replacement may be best. Inspections like these can end up saving you $1,000s in the long run by addressing smaller problems before they become very expensive to fix.

Function is Compromised

When dentures are no longer working properly and aiding you in forming sounds for speech, aligning your bite, and supporting your muscles and jawbone, it might be time to consider replacing them.

The first sign of compromised denture function is if you experience difficulty speaking clearly. It I really complicated to speak or eat if your dentures are bouncing around the mouth.

Broken Dentures

Artificial teeth can chip and dentures can break. They are made from breakable materials. If accidentally dropped or if you’re involved in an accident of some kind, broken metal or acrylic dentures should be looked at as soon as possible. A denture repair may be possible and when not, replacement is a must.

The only time when a replacement related to a crack or damage is usually mandatory is when the denture base breaks. The denture base is the most important design component of your dentures. When it is broken and no longer functions in the way that it needs to, denture replacement is the only way forward.

Loose Fitting Dentures

One of the most common complaints we receive in doing denture replacements is patients coming to us with loose-fitting dentures. A denture that no longer fits secure needs to be examined.

If you find your dentures dislodge when eating or speaking, we don’t need to tell you how embarrassing and uncomfortable it is. It doesn’t do great for one’s confidence. The most likely cause is bone resorption. As our jawbone ages, the shape of it changes. If your dentures no longer fit snug, speak with a denturist. The solution may be as simple as a denture relining.

Dentures Fit Too Tightly

In some cases, it’s not that dentures are loose-fitting. It’s that they become too snug. If dentures aren’t worn regularly, your mouth could potentially change in a way that the fit of the dentures becomes uncomfortable.

If you find that you’re inserting your dentures and are experiencing pain or discomfort, after multiple years of having your dentures fit perfectly alright, it may be time to schedule a consultation with a denturist. They don’t necessarily need a replacement though they may.

Dirty, Stained, or Old Dentures

Dentures can last a very long time. With the right maintenance, dentures can last decades. Unfortunately, as time passes, dentures can get old, stained, and look faded. The usual recommendation is to bring them to a denturist in Scarborough or Toronto for a polishing. Sometimes though, dentures have gone through too much use.

If you find your dentures are appearing less than desirable, you can continue to wear them assuming they’re still functional. Alternatively, if all the polishing in the world isn’t restoring a desirable look to your dentures, a replacement may be the best way to restore a smile’s shine.

You’ve Lost Another Tooth

Dentures are designed to complete the look of a smile and the function of your teeth. When another tooth is lost, this can throw the appearance of dentures ‘off’. This is why when another tooth is lost, and a denture cannot be repaired for various reasons, new prosthesis is usually recommended to replace it.

These are some of the basic questions we ask and the things we watch for when considering a replacement. For denture replacement in Toronto or denture relining, contact one of our specialists at Apple Denture and Implant Solutions Clinic today.