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In answering the question of what are suction lower dentures, they’re exactly what they say in the name. Using a revolutionary technique developed in Japan and having only recently been brought to Canada, suction lower dentures are a type of denture that uses the strength of suction to maintain position, fit and function.

Surprising to some, lower Suction dentures are exceeding expectations in stability and overall performance. This understandably has brought more and more people in Toronto and Northumberland Countly to search out denturists specializing in suction lower dentures. Those that have them find out rather quickly the advantages. First and foremost, no implants required. Secondly, no adhesives. Suction dentures remain stable in place, resolving a lot of the issues common with lower complete dentures.

What makes an effective suction denture?

A denture of any kind is going to be effective as long as it supports your mouth’s routine daily functions. We can take for granted things like chewing, laughing, speaking, smiling, and even kissing. Any of these activities can be impacted by the quality of one’s dentures.

Conventional dentures can be loose in the mouth, difficult to control and stabilize. They end up being more of an irritant than anything. Patients can experience frequent discomfort, struggle chewing, and lose confidence.

What makes a suction denture a better option?

A suction denture is built on taking a unique, detailed impression of your gums. The dentures form to your mandible (fancy word for the lower jaw), mirroring every natural shape and accommodating movement throughout the oral activity. A strong seal is created, with firm suction that holds them in place regardless of what a person may be doing with their mouth.

Am I right for Suction dentures?

Prior to being confirmed as a candidate for Suction dentures, a denturist will review your oral history with you and conduct an examination of the oral tissues. In order to be a candidate, one’s oral tissues must be strong enough to hold the Suction dentures firmly in place. The vast majority of patients are eligible for Suction dentures however some unfortunately aren’t. The success rate is on average 82% where the other 18% will experience improved fit and function.

If one’s mouth is not capable of maintaining full Suction dentures, he or she can often times still be fitted for Suction dentures. Suction dentures will work largely for roughly 4 out of every 5 patients. Even among those who aren’t able to achieve suction will still be able to enjoy a far superior denture compared to conventional designs, due to the fact that these dentures are more comfortable and using top-grade materials to provide fantastic look.

What are some of the benefits of Suction dentures?

Lower Suction dentures created by an experienced denturist means you can eat, smile, and enjoy life with newfound confidence. You don’t have to worry about any awkward incidents of your dentures becoming unglued mid-conversation or at a meal with loved ones. Here are more benefits to Suction dentures a candidate has to look forward to.

  • No lifting, no floating.
  • Improved chewing ability.
  • A more natural feel, almost like real teeth!
  • A reduced need for implants.
  • No messy adhesives involved.
  • Fewer sore spots, which can be common with dentures.
  • Customizable to every ridge and detail of your gums.

How are Suction dentures different from other denture types?

To understand why suction lower dentures are oftentimes a superior choice for those who choose them, we must compare them to what’s available on the market.

Complete dentures suit the entirety of the oral cavity, covering all your teeth and replacing them with dentures.

Partial dentures are meant to replace one or more missing teeth, designed to fulfill the requirements of a pleasing aesthetic appearance and to restore basic functions of speech, eating, and other activities.

Implant supported dentures involve completing a surgery to implant the supports direct into the jaw. This helps keep the denture supported and prevents it from moving. An implant-supported denture is chosen when a person has no teeth in the jaw but has enough bone to support implants.

Immediate dentures are provided in the healing period after teeth have been extracted. They’re generally short-term and are used to help maintain the appearance of teeth, avoiding any embarrassment about having missing teeth.

So why are Suction dentures better than these other options? Well, for many patients, the results speak for themselves. Suction dentures don’t float around the mouth. They don’t require surgery to make it happen. They’re a permanent, long-term solution that a lot of patients find are easy to handle. This isn’t to say that other denture types aren’t appropriate or recommended for patients. Suction lower dentures are simply a revolutionary, highly-effective technique to resolve obstacles which can come with adhesives, surgery for implants, or stability troubles.

Find out if you’re a candidate for Suction dentures today by scheduling a no-obligation consultation with Apple Denture & Implant Solutions clinic at your leisure. One of our highly trained denturists would be happy to go over your medical history with you and determine what the next step is from there.