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Many different types of dentures exist. Depending on what a denturist specializes in and your preferences, you may be leaning towards one above the others. It doesn’t hurt to know your options, what they are, and the advantages to each denture type.

Full Dentures

Full dentures are a complete replacement of a patient’s teeth. They are not anchored like a dental bridge. Full dentures sit on top of the gums. They are very basic in the sense that customization is limited to tooth shades, shapes, and material. Full dentures in Scarborough aren’t recommended for patients with a shrinking oral tissue or someone with an improperly aligned bite. More precise and personalized dentures will be needed, in this case.

There are many subcategories of full dentures however, for the purposes of this article, when discussing full dentures, we mean a very conventional type. When discussing what dentures interest you, full dentures are fairly basic and inexpensive compared to other options. For improvements beyond what conventional dentures can offer on comfort, fit, aesthetics, and function, consider another denture type.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are for patients with some natural teeth still remaining. They are essentially customized to fill in the gaps where there are missing teeth while retaining the teeth that are still going strong.

Partial dentures in Scarborough use a base attached to a metal piece to hold the dentures in place. Patients with partial dentures love wearing them because of their convenience and removability.

When you have missing teeth, an unfortunate result is that the teeth remaining can move. Dentures, including partials, prevent that from happening. Partial dentures are usually acrylic, customized to mimic the look of the teeth surrounding them.

Scarborough denture clinics like Apple go beyond the basic acrylic partial denture as well, offering durable titanium parts, invisible clips, and natural-looking teeth. We customize to the patient, as opposed to offering a more simplified, basic model.

Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are a temporary denture type. They get inserted on the same day when removal or extraction takes place.

Permanent dentures take time to get in. The process often involves removing teeth in an initial surgical procedure. Afterwards, we must allow enough time for the gums and jawbone to fully heal.

We use immediate dentures at our denture clinic in Scarborough predominantly to ensure a patient doesn’t have to live without the appearance of teeth. A patient’s able to continue doing their regular day- to-day activities with confidence.

An added bonus to immediate dentures are that they can control bleeding and protect the gums. Like with other types, this denture type is made from an impression of your natural teeth. They are then modelled accordingly with modifications as needed.

Implant Dentures

Implant Dentures, aka implant-supported dentures, are one of the most secure denture types available. Their support is second to none and the denture remains firmly in place, resembling natural teeth with many advantages.

At our denture clinics in Port Hope and Scarborough, implant-supported dentures are highly requested. They go far beyond conventional dentures, can be installed in oftentimes under an hour, and carry the highest success rate (99%) of any dental treatment.

These dentures work through putting implants directly into the jawbone. The denture then connects onto the implant and the result is an immovable denture.

Another advantage to having implants put into the jawbone is that they act like natural teeth roots. They help to maintain proper oral health and prevent bone degeneration. They are customizable, using the latest in dental diagnostics and dentistry to provide patients with stable, natural-looking teeth.

Suction Dentures

Suction dentures use a revolutionary suction technique developed by Dr. Jiro Abe, a prosthodontist in Japan. Known as suction effective mandibular complete denture or SEMCD, they’re a more affordable way to achieve a natural-looking denture for the lower teeth.

Suction dentures can be very effective, relying on tooth positioning, high-definition impression materials, and contouring and shaping. Wearing suction dentures, they don’t move. Some compare them to implant dentures without the implant, in a sense, due to their ability to stay in place.

Suction dentures are available for up to 80% of patients missing their lower teeth. For the other 20%, our Scarborough denture clinic may recommend a Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS) protocol to achieve a similar style of fit.

Where Can I Get Dentures in Ontario?

From partial dentures to implant-supported dentures and suction dentures, these denture types are available at both our Port Hope denture clinic and our Scarborough denture clinic.

Experienced denturists are available for consultations, giving you a more personalized recommendation on what’s best for you. Not every denture type is possible, depending on a person’s oral health. An in-person appointment is needed to better evaluate dentures on a patient.

Get your questions answered and speak with a professional denturist in Ontario today at Apple Denture Clinic.