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The loss of natural teeth can cause people to lose their self-confidence. Dentures help to bring that confidence back to their smiles.

Count on our reliable and affordable dentures to make you feel like yourself again.

Figure out what type of dentures are right for you.

Denture Types

When looking at dentures, there are a few options to consider. The four most common are Full dentures, Partial dentures, Implant dentures (removable and fixed) and Suction dentures.

  • Full dentures – these are a complete model of all teeth in a row that are held in place by adhesive. They are used when most or all of someone’s natural teeth are gone.
  • Partial dentures – dentures that fill empty spaces in a row of teeth. They are used when the upper or lower jaw has at least one tooth.
  • Implant dentures – Implant dentures are available in two varieties: removable and fixed. Removable implant dentures are implanted clips that the dentures snap into. They are removed after meals and at night for cleaning. Fixed implant dentures are dentures that are implanted directly to the mouth. They are similar to natural teeth in cleaning with a few small changes.
  • Suction dentures –  this type of denture maintains a comfortable fit and function through suction. They are fairly new and serve the same purpose as full dentures, but don’t require any implants or adhesives.

How Our Dentures Are Made

Apple Denture & Implant Solutions work with the top suppliers in the industry and use only the best materials. Our advanced equipment allows for comfortable dentures that fit well and provide our clients with the aesthetic they want.

With new technology comes a more advanced way to make dentures, known as Digital dentures. Digital dentures use a four-step process to create the best dentures for each person.

digital dentures on a computer screen

First, we take an impression of your bite and intra-oral tissue. Next, we use 3D software to create a design of what the dentures will look like. Then, we 3D print a prototype to make sure everything looks good and fits well. And finally, we print the natural looking dentures that are perfect for you.

Digital dentures improve the quality of dentures with better accuracy, fit and aesthetic for the same affordable price as analog dentures. Dentures can also be made much faster which means you can have them complete in two weeks. You can also have a spare set of dentures or have a replacement pair made in just one day.


Affordable Dentures, What Are The Options?

Caring for your dentures properly is important for your health and well-being and for the longevity of your dentures.

Here at Apple Dentures & Implant Solutions, we are committed to making sure you can have the best oral health possible. That’s why we offer a variety of payment plans to fit your financial needs, from as low as $65/month. Apply online to find a payment plan that works for you or speak to one of our representatives to find out how we can help you.

Choose Apple Dentures & Implant Solutions

If you want to know what type of dentures may be right for you, trust our team of certified denturists to find the best, affordable dentures for you.

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