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Dentures provide a necessary service to those who receive them but they are subject to the inevitable grind of time and life. Their resilience is tested daily by the exact same factors that test teeth and sometimes they may buckle and break. Over-the-counter kits to fix broken dentures exist but they are a temporary measure at best. When dentures need repairs, you need to see an expert to properly restore their function.

Hence the team at Apple Dentures would like you to know about the different types of denture repairs that are available.

Denture Adjusting

Everyone who receives dentures is familiar with this process. Dentures require adjustments after the first time to fully fit the patient and even more adjustments as the jaw and gums adjust to the presence of the dentures.Denture Repairing

As time progresses, the dentures will wear down and the user’s facial features will change. This will cause the dentures to loosen and shift in the mouth, causing significant pain and discomfort. Adjustments will be made to remedy the situation and restore the required fit and function of the dentures.

Denture Relining

When part of the denture is damaged or worn down, that part will need to be resurfaced to ensure it can still function properly. This process is known as relining. A reline is an affordable type of denture repair but that can vary depending on the type of reline performed.


A soft reline occurs when a denturist adds a liquid polymer to the denture. This insulates and protects the affected area of the denture. The procedure is quick and simple and creates a more comfortable fit for the denture.

A hard reline is performed when a denturist coats the damaged area with a resin that hardens after application. The resin is stronger and more durable than the liquid polymer so it makes for a more long-lasting repair than a soft reline.

A denture reline is also used to improve the fit of dentures when normal adjustments are insufficient for what is required. It adapts the surfaces of your dentures to accommodate the changes in your facial features and mouth.

Denture RebasingDenture Fixed

For more serious damage, like cracked dentures or broken dentures, a more involved process is required.

A denture rebase is a type of denture repair used when the base of the denture needs fixing but the teeth are still serviceable. This repair replaces all the acrylic in the denture’s base, providing a new foundation for the teeth to be placed.

Denture rebasing usually takes a long time, especially if the damage is significant. It is recommended to rebase your dentures every 5-7 years to keep them in good condition.

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Maintaining and repairing your dentures is key to ensuring that they stay functional and comfortable for as long as possible. Different types of denture repairs are available to extend the lifespan of your dentures.

Please do not try to fix your dentures yourself. Contact us for help when your dentures are damaged. Apple Denture & Implant Solutions provides walk-in denture repairs in Scarborough and Port Hope. In emergencies, we can provide repairs in 1-2 hours and our denturists will ensure that any underlying problems with your dentures do not come up again.