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Have you lost all or some of your teeth recently? Whether it’s intentional or unintentional, many people require dentures at some point in their lives. It’s an incredibly common solution to a problem that damages the confidence, speech, and chewing ability of people of all ages.

The difference that makes everyone different, however, is the number of teeth missing, and consequently, the type of denture needed to mend the problem. Depending on the circumstances, people may need either permanent dentures or temporary dentures

What are Temporary Dentures and Permanent Dentures and Their Benefits?

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Temporary dentures are what you will receive when you are preparing for or recovering from an injury, surgery, or other oral procedure. Their intention is to help your mouth become familiar with the sensation of wearing dentures and prevent any remaining teeth from moving. Furthermore, temporary dentures will prevent atrophy.

Permanent dentures are what you will receive after your mouth has healed from oral surgery and will remain your primary set of dentures will into the future. They provide a high level of comfort and functionality. You’ll benefit from a regained smile, better speaking and eating ability, and the option to make adjustments when needed.

Both types of dentures are removable dentures. With the exception of some types, such as implant dentures, permanent dentures are able to be removed for cleaning or whatever purpose you may need.

Drawbacks of Temporary and Permanent Dentures

The primary drawback of temporary dentures is that they are not well-fitting. Because they’re meant to be used transitionally, they have to accommodate frequent changes in the mouth’s structure and form. One silver lining is that you may keep them as backups in case something happens to your final set of dentures.

Permanent dentures are made to perfectly fit your gums; hence, there are few drawbacks. Some patients find the need to reline, rebase, or repair their permanent dentures annoying. So, depending on how you feel about checkups with your denturist, you should find little issues with your new teeth.

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How Long do You Need Temporary Dentures?

Thankfully, temporary dentures don’t need to be worn for an extremely long time. Typically, patients require temporary dentures for six to eight months. While this varies, the length is usually determined by the rate at which your mouth heals and the speed at which the permanent dentures are made.

Contact a dentures specialist to get a better understanding of how long you will have to wear temporary dentures – each case is different.

Apple Dentures – Rediscover Your Smile

Both types of dentures are incredibly useful tools that improve the lives of millions of people. While each type of denture has drawbacks, they are greatly outweighed by the benefits. Permanent dentures are an amazing solution for people of all ages – don’t feel off-put by the duration of your temporary dentures as the benefits of permanent dentures are worth the wait.

Looking to rediscover your smile, regain your oral functionality, and prevent oral pain now or in the future? Contact Apple Denture today to inquire about getting your own pair of temporary and permanent dentures. We’re renowned for our customer service, quick turnaround times, and great smiles!