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Dentures are a highly effective and structurally sound option for tooth replacement.

Countless patients have benefited from dentures by being able to eat, speak and smile again with confidence.

Dentures, however, are not impervious to wear and tear nor to potential damage. This begs the question, what should one do when dentures get damaged or broken?

As dentures are not an insignificant investment in one’s oral health, some people decide to try and fix their dentures at home. 

While DIY fixes can be a good idea in many everyday situations such as home repair, car maintenance, etc., fixing a set of broken dentures at home is definitely not among the home DIY projects you should taking on!

Special tools are needed to fix dentures, as most other solutions will usually create even more problems in the long-run. More than the tools themselves, however, the key component to fixing dentures properly is having the right training and experience.

That’s why denture repair is best left to the experts. When you count on your denturist to repair the dentures properly, you’ll be in good shape for the long term.

Why You Shouldn’t Fix Broken Dentures

Denturesbroken set of dentures repair needed in Canada are made according to the highest industry practices. At least here at Apple Dentures in Toronto & Port Hope, we certainly adhere to these standards.

Dentures are usually made from metal along with a durable and resistant material known as polymethyl methacrylate, which is then colored to match your gums. From time to time, due to wear and tear or perhaps an impact or other event such as chewing hard foods in an awkward way, the dentures can give out and get cracked or broken.

For those who consider themselves handy, fixing dentures might seem like a straightforward task to simply glue the broken pieces together. If you don’t use the right glue and tools, however, you can easily make matters worse by breaking the dentures beyond repair

That’s why your best course of action is to contact a denturist who has the right equipment and years of experience in repairing broken dentures.

Okay, so let’s say you accept this as fact – but unfortunately you’re on the road or otherwise out of position, and you can’t make it to your denturist in time. The dentures are broken. What are you to do then?

In an urgent situation, some people might consider trying a dental repair kit to fix the broken dentures temporarily. If you do this, make sure to make an appointment with your denturist as soon as possible to prevent further damage. And, as always with the DIY route… caveat emptor and your mileage may vary.

What to Avoid

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Many denture repair kits include a special glue designed to hold your broken dentures together until you get to the nearest dentist. These repair kits usually have glue made from powder and liquid that you have to mix in and apply to the damaged dentures.

However, since dentures are made from plastic, many people assume that they can simply glue the parts together with ordinary DIY glue. 

Whatever you do, avoid using anything other than denture repair kits. Even if you use these special repair kits, the repair won’t hold more than a few days or weeks at best.

denturist repairing denturesIt is best to contact our Toronto denture clinic even before you buy a denture repair kit to ensure that potential problems with broken dentures, should they arise, are addressed properly. 

If you opt to try fixing things yourself, you can realistically expect the dentures to break again within a short period of time, possibly even within hours. Not to mention that choosing any type of glue except the one designed for dentures will damage them even further, and you might have other negative side effects once the glue touches your mouth.

Broken Dentures? Call Our Port Hope or Scarborough Denture Clinic Today!

Our denture experts provide full denture repair and all other procedures in two state-of-the-art clinics. 

One is located in Scarborough, and the other can be found in Port Hope. 

Should you ever find yourself with broken dentures, call us immediately, and we will help repair your dentures.