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Looking for a denture clinic in Port Hope? Apple Denture and Implant Solutions is your one-stop-shop for all your denture needs in Port Hope. Our team of experienecd denturists have been providing our patients with high-quality and affordable denture services for over 10+ years. As one of the leading denture clinics in Port Hope, we pride ourselves in providing unparalleled customer service along with a wide variety of comprehensive and customizable denture solutions. We’re proud to be one of the first denture clinics in Canada to offer the newest cutting edge technology with our Digital dentures. With our on-site Digital Denture Lab, we’re able to make your dentures faster and more precisely than ever! Learn more about our Digital dentures HERE.


Monday – Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Denture Services in Port Hope

We take innovation in dentistry, mix it with knowledge, add modern super-high quality materials and sprinkle it with the love that we put into our work and you get the most precise, well-fitting prosthetics and a smile you’ll love!

a female dentist explaining dentures to her client

Implant Denture

Implant dentures

Dentures that are supported by dental implants are now a reality. Enjoy a very stable and good-looking multiple teeth replacement option that allows you to bite and chew the food you love. With great care, Implant dentures will last you a lifetime.

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a denturist showing suction dentures to a patient

Suction Dentures

Suction dentures

Tired of your lower denture dancing around your mouth? Looking for a solution that does not involve surgery or dental adhesives? The suction system creates a vacuum between the denture and the gums resulting in an improved fit over traditional dentures.

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denture repair and reline process

Repairs & Relines

Repairs & Relines

In most cases, the specialists at our clinic will be able to restore an existing broken or cracked denture to its original state. Most emergency repairs can be done in 1 hour when others, including relines can be completed in one day.

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a denturist looking at a woman's full dentures

Full Denture

Full Dentures

Full or complete dentures are necessary if all of your natural teeth have been lost. They are often referred to as “false teeth”.

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partial dentures

Partial dentures

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is a removable, natural-looking dental appliance that helps restore the form and function of your jaw by replacing one or several missing teeth.

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older woman receiving denture checkup

Immediate Dentures

Immediate Dentures

An immediate denture is the appliance that is created before your natural teeth get extracted and is inserted in your mouth minutes after your teeth are extracted. It acts as an immediate replacement of your teeth and a Band-Aid for your gums.

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Additional Services

two professional denturists evaluating the quality of a denture

Mobile Dentures Services

Mobile Denture Services

Apple Denture & Implant Solutions offers mobile denture services where the denturist comes to your residence to perform all of the denture-related procedures on-site.

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a denturist holding a denture appliance

1- Hour Emergency Repairs

1-Hour Emergency Repairs

In most cases, the specialists at our clinic will be able to restore an existing, broken or cracked denture to its original state. Most emergency denture repairs can be done in 1 hour, others can easily be completed in one day.

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two denturists working with an elderly woman

Sleep Apnea Appliances

Sleep Apnea Appliances

Sleep Apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops during your sleep. If you snore loudly and feel tired even after a full night's sleep, you might have this condition. A breathing oral device will help you to sleep and can prevent complications in the future.

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Why Choose Apple Denture as Your Port Hope Denture Clinic? 

Our team of denture experts and licensed denture technicians work tirelessly to create a perfect set of custom-tailored dentures to all our patients. We believe in educating our denture patients about their oral health, working together to provide the right denture treatments, and developing oral hygiene routines that suits their needs and lifestyle.

  • 10+ Year of Industry Experience
  • On-Site Digital Denture Laboratory
  • Full Array of Denture Services
  • Long Lasting Denture Solutions
  • Affordable Denture Services
  • Licensed & Experienced Denture Technicians

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"Service was impeccable from start to finish"
Serghei and his staff in both clinics have been amazing! So friendly and accommodating. The digital denture he made me has been a game changer. I feel like I have my own teeth. I came in feeling very defeated from past experiences and Serghei made me feel comfortable and listened to. I fully recommend this clinic
I just got my new dentures from Apple Dentures in Port Hope and I have to compliment Serghei for the great, great job he did on them! The new dentures are awesome! With the new method of making dentures that the clinic is using, I went in for one fitting and my full set of dentures were ready in two weeks without any further appointments! They fit perfectly and I haven't had even a minor problem with them. They are so good, I hardly even know I got new dentures! Serghei is always so pleasant and knowledgeable and takes all the time necessary to ensure a proper fit. I recommend them to anyone looking for a positive experience getting dentures. Thanks Serghei!!
Visit this clinic with my grandad , Serghei and his team are extremely professional and helpful, prices are very reasonable . We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for top quality service .
I took my father to apple denture clinic in Toronto.the Denturist was very efficient worked with his denture right way did reline his dentures change his implants locate.he is the best and my father is really happy very satisfied . Didn't even needs any adjustment or anythingIsmail ShikhoFawzia
My mom was treated so kindly by the staff working there and I recommend others to visit or give them a try in the future!
I'm very glad that l chose Serghei for my partial dentures. My teeth look natural .He is extremely professional and does high quality work.My dentures are great quality and very comfortable to wear. Even though I have a complicated bite ,Serghei was able to accommodate me. Happy holidays to everyone at Apple Denture.
For the first time in 12 years, my mom has dentures that actually work and look great! Thank you so much!!!
Apple Denture & implant solutions is the BEST!Luckily I got a referral from a good friend for a family member of mine. Serghei Ischenco (Denturist and Owner) took real good care of my mother. He took his time walking her through the entire process while being kind and professional.The entire experience exceeded my expectations! Latest state of the art equipment, clean and light atmosphere and friendly staff made us very welcome!
I came here and the lady at the front was very rude and was no help I came back to get my plate and met the owner. He’s a really good man he addressed my concerns about my experience when I came, and I felt heard and would recommend this place to anyone looking to get dentures or a plate
Apple denture is a wonderful place to have your dental needs doneIt’s clean and the staff is very very nice , polite and helpfulA special thank you to Truc Nguyen with her patience and understanding with my client
Really great experience. I’m on the apprehensive side and they took their time and answered all my questions and were vary patient.
Really great place, very clean clinic, friendly staff. They took care of an emergency before a long weekend for me

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