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When it comes to dentures, one size fits all definitely does not apply. Thankfully, technology now allows you to find the perfect fit for your dentures.

First, you need to get an impression. Today, custom trays are available to get just the right impression of your gums. This also shows more accurately where the teeth meet the ligaments, muscles, and lips. This gives an indication on what the dentures can cover without risking popping out whenever there is movement.

Second, the dentist or orthodontist should take careful measurements. All jaws are unique. Not only do jaws differ from one person to another, but the right and left sides are not the same either. This is why it is necessary to fit dentures specifically to the person who will wear them. This will also ensure the right positioning for the person’s jaw movement.

Third, the teeth placement will be determined. This is of utmost importance both in terms of function and form. Your smile, of course, is a big consideration when it comes to the aesthetics of the resulting dentures. At the same time, the dental implement should have the right bite so that you can chew properly.

Fourth, you have to do the “try-in”. If all measures and steps leading to this point have been done correctly so far, then the try-in should be relatively quick and easy. Again, check both aesthetic and functional aspects.

You Can Barely Feel A Really Good Dentures

Your “teeth” should not protrude too far away and push your lips outward. Your face should also not look either swollen or sagging. Functionally, your teeth should feel snug and you should not feel any discomfort when speaking, chewing, or moving your jaw. If you have issues with any of these aspects, you should tell your dentist so he can make the necessary adjustments.

With the right fit, you can walk out of your dentist’s clinic with your new set of “teeth.” However, there are still instances when patients experience problems with their dentures after they’ve been using them for quite some time. With acrylic, for instance, has nuances that have to do with the curing process. Discoloration and shrinking are common problems that patients usually encounter and that affect the fit of the dental implements.

Getting the right fit for your denture is a joint effort between you and your dentist. While it is the dentist and the denture technician’s job to make sure that the correct measurements and the right techniques are used in making your dental implement, you will still have to feed them the right information particularly about how you want the dentures Toronto to feel and look like.

You need to cooperate with your dentist and be upfront with what outcome you want and expect. At the same time, your dentist should also disclose the steps and techniques that are going to be followed in making your dentures Toronto. This way, there will be no unpleasant surprises when you come in for your fitting. Even more importantly, you both will not waste your time and effort in going through the entire process again because the results are not to your liking.