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Dentures are a great solution for individuals who have lost a few or all of their natural teeth, allowing them to return to enjoying all the foods they love.

Tooth loss, while unfortunate, is a quite common occurrence. Risk factors such as gum disease, cavities, or physical injury are all the main causes of tooth loss and can happen to people of all ages.  

Some people may avoid getting dentures if they’re under the misconception that the time and effort it takes to maintain them isn’t worth it. In reality, cleaning your dentures is actually quite similar to how you’d normally care for your natural teeth. 

Though it may seem like a daunting task to properly care for your dentures, following some of the below denture care tips and tricks will make maintaining your dentures a breeze. 

Brush Your Dentures Daily

Throughout our lives, we’ve been taught to brush our teeth twice a day, and the same thing applies to cleaning dentures. 

Using a soft-bristled brush with an approved denture cleaner, thoroughly clean the appliance by brushing in a circular motion. To ensure your appliance isn’t damaged in case it slips from your hand, place a towel under your hand while brushing the dentures. 

Soak Your Dentures Overnight 

Your mouth and the dentures themselves should be given a chance to rest for at least six hours a day. 

Since you need your prosthetic to function during the day, removing them before bed and soaking them with warm water or denture solution throughout the night proves to be the most effective course of action. 

Plaque, tartar, and bacteria grow on dentures just as they would on natural teeth. Soaking the appliance overnight disintegrates all these microbes and cleanses the surface. 

Rinse Regularly Throughout the Day

After each meal or heavy drink you consume, it’s important you give your dentures a quick rinse to get rid of all the food particles that may be stuck. 

Be sure that every surface and crevice of the prosthetic has been washed thoroughly, as any remaining food particles will cause the dentures to decompose and give you bad breath. 

Regular Checkups With Your Denturist 

Denturists are able to seek problems that are impossible for you to detect on your own. During regular checkups, the denturist will inspect the appliance in addition to your oral tissues. Since the dentures are in close contact with your gums, it’s important to ensure that your gums remain healthy and are not at risk of developing gum disease

Our denturists at Apple Denture & Implant Solutions clinics in Toronto, Scarborough, and Port Hope have the expertise and equipment necessary to provide you with the best care possible. We strive to make our clients feel comfortable the moment they step into our clinic. 

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