One of the first questions we receive from Toronto and Northumberland County residents interested in getting implant supported dentures, is how much they cost.

That’s a very fair question! Dentures of any kind come at a cost, sometimes pretty significant. So in answering the question, “How much do implant supported dentures cost?” we go to averages.

The average cost for an implant-retained (or removable) denture in Ontario ranges between $2,000 and $7,000. As the process of receiving Implant dentures does require a surgery, the cost variance is attributed in large part to how many implants you require.

The cost given is an average, of course. For some people, depending on the implant treatment plan they choose for themselves, costs can easily climb to over $20,000. If you’re unsure about the affordability of implant supported dentures, speak to your denturist. They may have some suggestions on how to minimize costs, if there is a way; offer a payment plan; or give other denture options that may be more in line with your budget.

The freedom of implant supported dentures

Why people choose to pay so much for dentures in Toronto is because of the results. Implant dentures are a permanent solution to a permanent problem. For people who unfortunately struggle with the appearance of missing teeth or who have to have teeth removed, dentures provide the answer to how you can talk, laugh, eat, and smile again. Tooth loss doesn’t necessarily have to be something you live with, from an aesthetic perspective.

The procedure of getting dental implants

A big impact on cost are the implant placement procedures themselves. It can be very simple to install dental implants or very complex. In some people, bone that has atrophied (shrunk) needs to be rebuilt before securing implants in. In others, implant surgery alone can be as quick as 1 hour. Dental implants selected by the surgeon or the type of prosthetics can affect this process. Some denturists may also advocate for less or more implants i.e. to use four implants instead of six to secure a full arch of permanent teeth. All of this means the cost of implant supported dentures gets calculated on a case by case basis. It is unfortunately not as straightforward as many denturists and their patients would prefer it to be.

What is an implant denture actually made of?

Everything starts with an artificial tooth root, or commonly called an “implant” which is usually made from titanium or zirconia. It is surgically anchored in the jaw bone. Then, there’s the abutment (connector) which is usually either titanium, gold, or porcelain. This part gets attached to your implant with a screw. Lastly, there is the crown which is usually made from porcelain fused to a metal alloy, all-metal, or all-porcelain. The crown’s screwed or cemented onto the abutment. In case when all teeth are missing, the process is similar, but the materials are different. The bridge can be made out of titanium and composite material for great esthetics, it can also be made out of Zirconia for excellent strength and longevity. That’s it, in a nutshell!

Are Implant dentures worth the cost?

People who have had them installed would agree that it is absolutely worth the cost. Missing teeth affects the way we look and chew, can shift teeth in our mouth leading to increased tooth loss, and can lead to bone loss as well.

Implant supported dentures resolve a lot of these issues. They’re permanent and durable, have comfortable fit, look and function like regular teeth, require less maintenance than other denture types, and don’t require any modifications to adjacent teeth. If you’re down on the cost, consider the cost-effectiveness of it over the course of years. These Implant dentures are not temporary. They could very well last a decade or longer, if they are properly cared for. Most patients see imoplant dentures work for 20 years or more.

Is there a guarantee implant supported dentures won’t cost more?

In the long-term, we are relying on providing you with the right treatment plan based on scientific protocols and ensuring proper placement technique. The long-term results, in 99.9% of cases, are excellent.

This aside, sometimes an implant is placed and fails to integrate because it gets rejected by the body. In this case, it requires a replacement. We do everything we can to ensure the treatment plan you have is optimum and that no additional cost is passed onto you. Though implant failure is very, very rare, especially in skilled hands, it can still occur. This is why we always recommend follow-up appointments with a denturist to ensure everything is behaving as expected.

Is there any regular maintenance outside of follow-up appointments?

If you want your dentures to last, of course, you’ve got to take care of them. This not only means regular check-ups but also brushing your teeth and implants, and getting professional cleanings. If you ever experience pain or see damage on your dentures, of course, feel encouraged to contact your denturist. You may need a repair, a reline, or further investigation to determine what’s happening and to provide a long-term, permanent solution.

Are you considering implant supported dentures for you? An initial consultation will help determine cost and give us a chance to complete a full evaluation to outline what options are available to you. Contact a denturist today at Apple Denture & Implant Solutions clinic to get set up with an appointment to find out more.