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Are you thinking about getting implant-supported dentures in Toronto? Though the process is time-intensive, the result is second to none. One of the best options in denture technology in Canada are impact dentures. If you’ve never had dentures before, here is a little bit about what to expect in the appointments, surgery, and fittings ahead. Please note that it usually takes two separate surgeries and a minimum of five months to complete the process of installing the implant and ensuring everything is working like we hope.

The consultation

Your implant denture consultation begins with an initial exam to determine if you’re a good candidate, as well as to answer questions about your oral health. At Apple Denture & Implant Solutions clinic, we have a team of several very experienced denturists with multiple years of knowledge and experience in Implant dentures ready to help you. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have, address any and all concerns, and don’t hesitate to share your perspective on what’s important to you with these dentures.

The evaluation

X-rays and impressions will usually be taken in the initial consultation. This is to get us started. Models will be created from these impressions. In some cases, a denturist may require surgeon’s assessment of a CT scan in order to identify any sinus cavity issues or nerve-related troubles. A CT scan also
demonstrates the available bone. One of the biggest caveats there is to qualifying for Implant dentures is that you need to have enough of the jaw bone to set the implants into. In the visits following your evaluation, a temporary denture will be made for you from these scans.

The first surgery

Once there’s a defined treatment plan moving forward, the next big step is the first surgery. During this surgery, implants will be placed into the jawbone. A small incision is made, the dentist will then drill a hole into the exposed bone, the implant is placed, and the incision is closed with stitches. This process has to happen for every implant going in. After this is completed, a wait of 3-6 months begins. This is to allow your body the time it needs to support the implants fuse to the jawbone. During this period you will be wearing a temporary denture to replace your teeth and to be able to chew.

The second surgery

There is a second surgery involved in receiving Implant dentures. The second surgery is done to expose the tops of the implants. Once these are exposed, the dentist places a healing cap across each head which will guide the healing so that the tops don’t become obscured again. These caps are designed to be worn for 10-14 days. After that, healing caps are replaced with abutments to be worn in place permanently. The denturist will also make another impression to ensure the denture framework and artificial teeth are created to suit the unique shape of your mouth.

The final appointment

The dental framework and artificial teeth are fitted in this last appointment. If everything fits, the teeth are permanently secured in place. Instructions are also provided on how to care for implant-supported dentures and a follow-up appointment is scheduled to ensure that you’re still getting everything you want from your dentures with no discomfort or issues.

Does it really take that long?

As denturists in Toronto, our priority is getting Implant dentures designed and set right for your mouth. After all, you’re going to be wearing these permanently so any little flaw or issue could eventually cause wear on the dentures or mouth sores you don’t need. That said, every case is different. This is a basic
framework for us to work from. Occasionally, some of these processes can be combined or there may be a different treatment plan suggested. This is normal. If you have any concerns, be sure to let us know.

What can I expect after with my Implant dentures?

After you have your implant-supported dentures installed, patients are often shocked at how well they look and how good it makes them feel. They look and function just like natural teeth, with the added advantage that they are designed to be long-lasting. They should hold comfortable in the mouth, are more stable than conventional dentures, and even will help preserve bone better. Bone surrounding a tooth root is there to support the tooth. Take the tooth away and the bone starts deteriorating as it no longer has a purpose. When you receive an implant that integrates directly into the jawbone, it tricks the bone into thinking there’s still teeth there. Thereby, the bone tends to stay healthy and intact. There isn’t a better option than implant-supported dentures out there. These are high quality, neasy-to-maintain dentures!

Are you considering getting dentures in Toronto? Contact Apple Denture & Implant Solutions clinic today to schedule your first consultation.