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Implant dentures have become a trendy and popular alternative to traditional dentures and bridges. A viable, healthy option for patients with teeth loss, implant dentures can recover a natural appearance regardless of genetics.

Apple Dentures & Implant Solutions specializes in smile restoration and high-quality dentures implant-supported and otherwise. It’s important to us that patients know the options and alternatives available to them. Here is a little bit more about implant dentures and how they compare to similar denture types.

Why Traditional Dentures Are Problematic

For decades, traditional dentures were the way to go. They were the only way. On the surface, traditional dentures appeared to perfectly restore a person’s smile but underneath it all, complications lay. Traditional dentures can slip and slide when you least want them to. Eating and talking are not only difficult but the gums can get very sore. The dentures also need to be soaked in a cleanser to prevent them from drying out. Even with the most care, they only last for 5-10 years before relining or a replacement is needed.

Implant Dentures v. Tooth-Supported Fixed Bridge

A tooth-supported fixed bridge is used when a single tooth needs replacement. A denturist will grind down the adjacent teeth, using them to support and attach a bridge on which the replacement is stationed. A bridge like this does not stimulate bone growth which means the bone will likely deteriorate over time. The bridgework itself is notoriously difficult to floss and is susceptible to decay which is why this alternative is likely to fail within five years.

Implant Dentures v. Removable Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures, fortunately, require no grinding down of healthy teeth. That said, they’re not always the most comfortable to wear. The instability can also lead to issues around speech and eating. A restoration like this is affordable but the result is a piece that doesn’t look or function like natural teeth. Should the bone underneath deteriorate over time, this will also change the look of your smile and face structure.

Implant Dentures v. Removable Complete Dentures

A removable complete denture sits on top of the gums where natural teeth used to sit. Removables can be uncomfortable to wear, cause sore gums, and shift and click when poorly fitted. Speaking, eating, smiling, coughing, and even yawning can be an ordeal. Though removable dentures come at a low cost in comparison, over time the expense with replacements add up. The natural bone underneath is also not being stimulated which, once again, is likely to mean deterioration.

Implant Dentures v. Refusing to Wear Dentures At All

A few missing teeth may not seem like a major issue in the short-term. All sorts of issues can, unfortunately, come from refusing any sort of dentures and not filling in those gaps. People with missing teeth often lose confidence in smiling and opening their mouths to talk.

The gums in these gaps can often grow sore when eating things like corn-on-the-cob or when biting down on even moderately soft foods. Bone loss is most common. This will change your facial structure, sometimes resulting in a sunken appearance around the eyes and mouth. Your remaining teeth can also shift into the place of empty gaps, leading to changes in their positioning.

Even if you think dentures aren’t your thing, at Apple Dentures & Implant Solutions, it’s worth it to us to ensure you’re informed of what options are available to you to avoid these heartbreaking oral health changes.

Why Implant Dentures Are Recommended

  • Implant dentures draw strength from the jawbone when you bite down, minimizing the likelihood of bone loss and deterioration.
  • The dental implant is surgically embedded into the jawbone with prevents slipping and sliding. Through this method, it is virtually impossible for an implant to suddenly become unattached.
  • Of all the denture types, implant dentures may feel the most natural in terms of the tongue interpreting them as real teeth. Have the confidence to smile, talk, chew, and express yourself without worrying about the look of ‘fake teeth’.
  • Less maintenance. In terms of caring for your implant dentures, there’s far less work required than what one has to do for traditional dentures.
  • Though the upfront costs of implant-supported dentures can be a little more than alternatives, in the long-term, you save money on replacements and relining often in a major way.
  • You protect your other teeth and the shape of your face by having a quality-made denture filling in pesky empty spaces which can unfortunately cause a caved-in facial look over time.
  • Enjoy a better diet. Implant-supported dentures are so strong in place that you can bite down on almost anything. Apples, pears, fruits, veggies, and more. You can keep up positive nutrition habits without worrying about damage or complications.
  • Implant dentures last longer, up to and exceeding 20 years, in large part due to their advanced design and the responsibility they put on your jawbone to perform just like it would with natural teeth in a denture’s place.

Implant dentures are a problem-fixer. They improve upon mistakes of past designs. They give patients’ the confidence to be themselves. Implant dentures are built strong and secure. As a patient, you’ll be surprised by how comfortable they fit and how well they function like natural teeth. Contact a denturist at Apple Dentures & Implant Solutions today to schedule a free consultation.