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Even a single missing tooth can drastically change the way we complete a simple action like eating.

The reality for many Canadians this year is that they will experience tooth loss and have to change the way they eat, speak, and more.

People lose teeth for all sorts of reasons. In many cases, it’s from age. In other cases, it’s health issues, a side effect of medications one may be taking, or could be from a physical injury or accident.

Effects of Missing Teeth

Inability to eat effectively, sometimes leading to problems with nutrition. A person may avoid certain foods – like fresh fruits and vegetables – to protect their mouth and avoid the pain that comes from eating.

Self-confidence is shattered. The appearance of missing teeth can weigh down on a person and prevent them from pursuing their professional or personal interests out of fear of judgment.

Adjacent teeth may start to deteriorate due to the overloading of the remaining teeth.

Fortunately, there’s a way around these detrimental effects of tooth loss. Implant-supported dentures.

What Are Implant-Supported Dentures?

Implant-supported dentures are the most stable denture available to Canadians today.

A titanium implant is surgically implanted into the jawbone. As it heals, it integrates with the bone and mimics the effects of a tooth root. This is called ‘osseointegration’.

An abutment is placed onto an exposed part of the implant. Dentures are then connected to the abutment. They are locked into place. The result are dentures that do not move. Implant dentures are fitted precisely to the shape of one’s mouth.

If you have missing or deteriorating teeth, implant-supported dentures offer a perfect solution.

Choosing Implant Dentures to Fix Missing Teeth

Think to a before-and-after comparison type of scenario. Think of what’s life like with implant dentures compared to what it is with missing teeth.

This type of denture works to preserve bone, guarding against the bone loss which happens when there are teeth missing. The jawbone needs the stimulation that comes from chewing. When it doesn’t have that, the bone starts to disappear over time.

If you are embarrassed about missing teeth, please don’t hesitate to call us and inquire about implant dentures. They look just like natural teeth! No one will know the difference. You’ll instantly give yourself the upgrade you want, at least when it comes to having the appearance of a healthy smile.

A worry to some is the long-term impact of missing teeth and subsequently, bone loss can have on the shape of a person’s face. When there’s less bone to support a facial shape, the face’s appearance changes. This is what creates the sort of sunken look that some have. With no dentures, this sort of change is almost unavoidable.

Now, compare that reality to what it’s like living with implant dentures. You maintain the original shape of the fact by supporting the original height of the jaws, keeping lips and cheeks full and looking like you!

From a nutritional standpoint, you also open up your diet to any and all foods imaginable sans restriction.

We aren’t even addressing the myriad of benefits behind choosing implant dentures over conventional dentures, i.e. no messy adhesives, no slipping dentures, no bone loss, no contact sores or friction marks, no diet restrictions, no speech issues, etc.

How Do You Get Implant Dentures?

To have implant dentures, a multi-step process is required to get it right. It is a lengthier appointment schedule than average to receive implant dentures but the results make it more than worth it.

The first step is the initial consultation with a denture clinic. Assuming everything goes well, appointments are then scheduled with the first big step being the surgery to get the implants settled into the jawbone.

Further appointments are needed to ensure healing is coming along as expected. Once the healing process has reached a safe and predictable level, a digital scan is taken of adjacent teeth, tissue, and the position of the implant.

From there, the dentures/bridges are created. Once these are finished, they are placed on the implants. The dentures can then be set and checked for fit.

That’s all it takes to get that perfect smile. No more missing teeth. No more trouble eating or discomfort.

Am I A Candidate for Implant Dentures?

A person with missing teeth must be assessed by a skilled denturist to determine if they are a candidate for implant dentures.

This involves looking at how many teeth are missing, where in the mouth they are missing, understanding one’s overall health condition, and analyzing the status of any remaining teeth, gums, and bone.

It is a necessity to have enough gum and bone to ensure a titanium root can be safely placed.

As implant dentures require a surgery, it is imperative that the healing process is considered possible without complications.

Speak with a denturist today to determine if you are a candidate for implant dentures. Schedule a complimentary consultation to learn the next steps!