Chat with us, powered by LiveChat How To Manage Denture Issues At Home During COVID-19
The last twelve months have been some of the most challenging for everyone around us including denture clinics like Apple Dentures Clinic.

It’s also unquestionably been difficult for denture-wearers who may have run into denture issues. Access to denture clinics has been limited, whether you’re living in Toronto, Scarborough, or elsewhere.

How to manage common denture issues while you wait for professional assistance has been important.

Considering Ontario is in the midst of another pandemic lockdown, with the potential of more planned for the future as we await widespread vaccinations, here is how to manage common denture problems.


No one wants to wear dentures that are causing sores or soreness in their mouth. This is likely caused by loose dentures.

A denturist will have to examine the area to determine the fix. Do your best in the interim to minimize how often you wear your dentures and be sure to schedule an appointment with a denture clinic as soon as possible.

Mouth Infections

As you will find on this list, most issues that aren’t addressed in a timely manner can progress to something worse.

Mouth infections can come from sores that are unaddressed. Of course, there are other mouth infections that can develop. All in all, maintaining your oral health is a priority and any mouth infections – regardless of the cause – should be considered an emergency and evaluated as quickly as possible.

Broken Tooth

A broken denture tooth is a relatively easy fix. A denturist will remove the damaged denture tooth and replace it, matching the measurements and color of the rest of the denture teeth.

If you have a broken tooth on your denture, please make an appointment with your local denture clinic and sit wait to come in as long as it’s not causing you pain.

While you certainly will want a broken tooth repaired, it isn’t as urgent as other common denture issues.

Dentures Don’t Fit Anymore

Your dentures once fit. Now, they don’t. This happens. As the jawbone and gums change or deteriorate, the mouth’s shape slowly changes as well resulting in dentures that don’t fit as comfortably as they once did.

In order to resolve this issue, schedule an appointment at the earliest possible date with your denturist. An examination is required to see what can be done. In the meantime, if it’s causing you pain or sores, try to avoid wearing your dentures.

Chipped Dentures

A chipped denture can occur from eating crunchy foods, biting on something hard, or from everyday wear-and-tear, as well as dropping it on a hard surface.

In some cases, the damage is very visible and may impact your ability to eat, chew, and bite. Other times, it may simply be cosmetic.

Broken Dentures

Sometimes, we break our dentures through mishandling them or any of a handful of common accidents.
One of the things people do is try to glue the denture together with the crazy glue. This kind of adhesives unfortunately can make it more complicated to fix damaged dentures.

Problems Eating or Speaking

Another common issue with dentures are issues with speaking and eating. These indicate a functional fit issue.

A denturist appointment will be needed to have a look at the dentures, ensuring they are a correct fit. Any type of dentures should be comfortable to wear, allowing you to speak and eat with ease. If you’re having trouble with either, speak with your denturist to hear what possible options you may have at your disposal.

Do I Have to Replace My Dentures?

Most chips and breaks from dentures can be repaired. You, in all likelihood, do not need a replacement.

That said, schedule an appointment with a denturist. Have the damage or issue inspected, ensuring an expert eye is given to a problem which could grow and result in more time and/or money spent.

If common denture issues are a sign of wear-and-tear, you may have to have a denture replacement done. In that case, you will also want to consult with a denturist to consider all options.

This isn’t a comprehensive list of common denture issues. If you are experiencing a denture problem that isn’t mentioned on this list, please do still contact your denture clinic for an appointment. Even amongst these shutdowns and lockdowns in the pandemic, Apple Denture Clinic has remained open for emergencies and for any assistance it can provide to our patients, while respecting ongoing regulations and supply chain challenges. If you are experiencing swelling, pain, or difficulty with your dentures, schedule an appointment today.