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If you recently had dentures placed or are contemplating getting dentures in the near future, you may be wondering:

  • How should dentures fit in your mouth?
  • When should you get dentures adjusted?

These are perfectly normal questions as people encounter dentures for the first time in their lives. Dentures help play a vital part in maintaining a normal lifestyle especially when it comes to eating, smiling and speaking. But how should the dentures fit?man with dentures smiles

What if the adjustment period seems to be taking to long?

Is a denture adjustment & relining called for?

We’ve asked a Toronto dentures specialist at Apple Denture & Implant Solutions to answer these questions for you.

The Telltale Signs Your Dentures Fit Perfectly

Dentures can restore the function and form of your teeth.

Although an artificial substitute for your natural teeth, dentures should not feel that artificial to you. Once you go through the adaptation period, you should get used to them to the degree that you hardly notice them.

woman with dentures smilesHowever, upper and lower dentures are not the same in terms of how they fit.

Upper dentures, for instance, benefit from the naturally occurring suction in the mouth, conveniently securing them to the upper jaw.

Lower dentures, on the other hand, don’t benefit from this phenomenon. It is your muscles that hold them in place.

The dentures should fit more or less perfectly in your mouth, replicating the shape and feel of your natural teeth. After all, they should restore the function and form of the teeth with no trade-offs.

If you are able to chew, talk, smile, and laugh effortlessly, it is a good sign that your dentures fit you well.

3 Signs You Should Get Dentures Adjusted or Relines

mature adults eating & drinking with denturesSometimes your dentures won’t fit quite right, which you will most definitely notice in one way or another.

The following scenarios would warrant denture adjustment:

  • Dentures cause a gag reflex – both lower and upper dentures can cause gagging. You should visit a denture specialist to get them adjusted. They need to be properly inspected so that the specialist can determine which dentures are causing the gagging. In some instances, both of them can be the culprit.
  • Dentures slipping while eating, laughing, or talking – don’t worry, this can happen even with dentures that used to fit perfectly. It is a sign that the underlying bone structure and gums have changed. Since dentures can’t conform to the new shape of your gums, they will often slip.
  • Dentures cause pain or discomfort – dentures have to make uniform contact with the upper and lower jaw tissue. If they don’t, they will rub your gums and create one or several sore spots.
  • You must use denture adhesive every day – while denture adhesives can help you in the short-term, they are not a long-term solution. If you have to use denture adhesive on a day-to-day basis, you should see a professional for help.

Denture Adjustments In Scarborough, Port Hope & GTA

If reading this has led you to believe that you may need a denture adjustment & relining, we can help.

To have your dentures adjusted or relined in Scarborough, Port Hope, Toronto or elsewhere in the GTA, contact Apple Denture & Implant Solutions and book your appointment today.