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Traditional dentures have been around for centuries, rendering tooth loss a fixable problem, but how has denture technology evolved?

While there are people who still choose traditional dentures, more and more denturists have started to offer Digital dentures. This new concept completely changes our existing idea of what dentures need to be and how they are made.

Digital dentures use computer-aided design and manufacturing technology to fabricate perfectly-fitting prosthetics. Gone are the days of biting into a tray filled with unpleasant impression material and fighting your gag reflex from triggering a cough attack.

Find out more about how this revolutionary technology works and the benefits of going digital.

Evolution of Dentures & Denture Technology

What comes to mind when you think of dentures? Like many others, you might picture your grandparents soaking their dentures in water by their bedside table overnight.

The earliest denture design involved using animal teeth connected by a thin gold wire to replace an individual’s missing teeth. Fortunately, the dentures once used by past civilizations are no longer viable or effective. Today, most dentures are made from acrylic resin that can be customized to closely resemble your natural gum colour.

Changing from a long-used process never comes easily. Although laboratories and patients were wary about this new technology, they soon saw the benefits of Digital dentures.

Digital technology has advanced to where oral prosthetics such as dentures and bridges can be fabricated with the use of digital impressions. This process incorporates cutting-edge denture technology, innovative software, and materials that are easy to work with which ensures a comfortable and proper fit.

Benefits of Digital Dentures

Thanks to advancements in technology, Digital dentures can be fully designed using software, allowing for complete individualization.

This innovative denture is made of a long-lasting acrylic material that can withstand much more pressure and daily wear and tear. Since a single unit of acrylic is used, there’s no need for bonding, which increases the durability of the prosthetic.

Traditional dentures typically require about four appointments before the appliance can be made. However, a Digital denture only requires two visits. One to have your teeth scanned to create a 3D model and the second to pick up the denture.

Instead of taking a physical mould of the mouth, Digital dentures use scanning and imaging techniques that allow denturists to create a denture that has a precise fit and doesn’t require any adjustments.

The colour of the denture can be completely customized to provide a highly realistic look so that no one will be able to tell you’ve had any dental work done.

The Latest Denture Technology in Scarborough

From a faster turnaround time to a more precise fit, there are endless reasons why you should choose digital.

At Apple Denture & Implant Solutions, we are proud to be one of the few clinics that offer state-of-the-art Digital denture technology. We work with the top suppliers in the industry to provide the best equipment, materials, and aesthetics to our patients.

Get in touch with our team to learn more about Digital dentures and book your complimentary consultation today.