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Denture Soft Liners Application and Benefits

Denture soft liners are made of medical-grade soft polymer. They are placed on the base of the hard denture, right on the tissue-fitting surface. These work as shock-absorbers when the person chews and talks. Soft liners can be used on both old and new dentures, as well as for rebase and reline cases.

Denture Soft Liners Application

The main function of denture soft liners Toronto is to reduce discomfort and pain caused by dentures. There are cases when dentures cause gum pain even after several, complicated adjustments. Dentures in the lower gum tend to get loose and cause discomfort as the gums start to thin and have a more “pointy” shape (this condition is called gum resorption).

The soft liners work not by actually decreasing the transmitted force when a person chews, but by evenly distributing this force to the tissues underneath. As a result, the pain felt in the gums is relieved.

Because the soft liners are made of porous material, they have better adherence to the gums, especially in cases when there is little gum tissue remaining due to resorption. This material is also beneficial because it is non-irritating, which means it prevents further pain and discomfort.

Recommended Use

  • Denture soft liners are primarily recommended to limit and control issues coming from aging, which often lead to changes in the tissues where the dentures are attached. Using these soft liners can improve the efficiency of chewing and other oral functions while increasing comfort for those who are suffering from thinning gums.
  • A secondary purpose for recommending denture soft liners is for the relining of immediate (transitional) dentures. This is for patients who are still recovering from either implant surgery or tooth extraction. The soft liner can significantly decrease the amount of pressure directed towards the tissue, letting the affected area heal properly.


  • Soft liners Toronto help keep dentures more comfortable and stable by acting as a gentler interface for patients with sensitive gum tissue.
  • Studies support the use of soft liners, citing that they can help slow down gum resorption. Over time, liners will compress and follow the shape of the surface of the jaw bone as it changes. This helps prevent and reduce pain.


Soft liners are useful, but there are some downsides to their use. Because of their porous material, it is possible for bacteria to collect faster on it in comparison to traditional dentures. This is why patients are advised to replace their soft liners every two years.

In addition, proper hygiene should be practiced using the right cleansing products to preserve the liners’ integrity.


Soft liners work with almost all patients and are globally accessible. Because of the great relief that they provide, many dentists recommend their use. As long as they are cleaned and maintained properly, are replaced when needed, and are used appropriately, patients should expect continued comfort with their dentures.

Soft liners cost Toronto varies depending on your current condition. The clinician will have to assess the extent of gum resorption, if any, before recommending the right product for you. To find out more about soft liners cost, visit your dentist today.