All On 4 Dentures Toronto

What is All On 4 Dentures?

You probably heard this term on TV, radio, read in newspapers, on the internet, etc… Is this real or just a marketing move? And we have an answer to that – it is real. So how does All on 4 Dentures work?

Your best option

There are times when due to the lack of hygiene, decay, various hormonal issues and so on, you come to the point when you need to lose all of your remaining teeth. We have yet to see a patient that is happy to hear this news. So what do you do now? Get them extracted and get a regular denture placed? First of all this will age you mentally and bring an array of inconvenient consequences such as loss of taste, denture that is moving around, embarrassment, etc. So this is the time when the all on 4 dentures technique comes into play.

Dental rehabilitation

This is a complicated full-mouth rehabilitation procedure that requires a lot of planning. It usually involves placement of 4 implants (thus it’s called All On 4 Dentures) and the full arch of teeth attached to them. Consultation at our office with diagnostic impressions, consultation at oral surgeon’s office and a set of full mouth x-rays are needed to determine how we can deliver the most accurate outcome. When everything is planned and the temporary prosthesis is fabricated, your surgical appointment will be scheduled. This is the so-called “TEETH IN A DAY” day.


A wonderful smile is just a click away!

Getting started is easy

You will arrive to the surgeon’s office, get all of the necessary forms filled out, get anaesthesia administered (local or general) and surgery performed (extractions and implant placement). After the surgery is finished (typically 2 hours for 1 arch) the provisional prosthesis will be secured to the implants that have been placed (another 2-3 hours). That’s it.

Leave your appointment with new teeth

You come in with your damaged natural teeth and leave with a set of permanent teeth that you can use right away (obviously with a series of precautions). Several follow-up appointments will be schedule ed with the surgeon to make sure that the healing is going well, along the follow-up at our clinic to make sure that the prosthesis is functioning well.

Dental follow-up

Six month after the surgery you need to come back to our office to replace the temporary prosthesis with the final one.

At this time we will assess the current prosthesis and will make any esthetical/functional changes necessary so your teeth will look and function like your natural ones or even better.

Am I a good candidate for All-ON-4?

Scheduling your free consultation appointment at Apple Dentures is a good way to start. Sometimes the use of different implant systems or some bone repair might be necessary. This will be evident after the thorough examination of the oral cavity and diagnostic imaging.

You can start smiling again