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1-Hour Emergency
Denture Repairs

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One Hour Denture Repairs in Scarborough and Port Hope

Denture repair may be required when breakage or chipping occurs, when one or more teeth need to be added to an existing denture (due to tooth extraction) or due to normal wear and tear. Most denture repairs can easily be completed within one day. If your denture requires repair, it may be indicative of underlying problems, including age of the denture, worn teeth or poor fit. During the complimentary consultation, our denturist will explain how to fix the issue and prevent denture breakage in the future.


Why You Might Need Emergency Denture Repairs

If you find yourself in a denture emergency where you need urgent assistance to repair your dentures, contact us as soon as possible. Our clinic has an on-site denture repair lab through which we can provide our patients 1-hour emergency denture repairs! Some common denture emergencies that require immediate attention include:

  • Chipped Dentures
  • Broken Denture Bases
  • Improper Fitting Dentures
  • Broken Denture Clips

Situations that require emergency denture repair can happen from regular wear and tear, from improperly fitted dentures, and from dentures that weren’t repaired properly in the first place. If you’re experiencing any of the mentioned denture complications, contact us ASAP to get immediate assistance with your dentures. We strongly advise not exploring home remedy and repair kits as they can cause further damage to your dentures.


1-Hour Emergency Repairs Apple Denture

Our 100% Smiles Guarantee

Our #1 priority here at Apple Denture & Implant Solutions denture clinic is your satisfaction! Which means we stand by our service 100%, no matter what. If you have a problem, we will solve it. Fix it. Create a new denture for you. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to our customer service team. We’re here for you. 100% Smiles Guaranteed!


We take pride in delivering only the highest quality dentures that exceed our customers’ expectations.


Though we specialize in dentures, we address your overall oral health and well-being.


We are not satisfied until you are. We make sure you leave with a smile.

Denture Wearer with a Denture Emergency

What to Do in the Case of a Denture Emergency?

Whatever the cause of your denture emergency, it can be incredibly frustrating when your dentures break and don’t work like they’re supposed to. First things first, if you suspect that something is wrong with your dental prosthetic, you should do a quick inspection – this includes checking for broken teeth, damage to the acrylic base, or any chips or cracks to the denture teeth. If you’re experiencing extreme pain, swelling, or discomfort, we also recommend doing a quick check to see if you can see any inflammation around your gums.

Once you’ve done a preliminary inspection, you should call your denturist ASAP to book an appointment. Apple Dentures & Implant Solutions offers 1-hour emergency denture repairs to help you get the look, function, and feel of your dentures back to normal as soon as possible. Most importantly, our recommendation is to stay calm and to avoid any DIY attempts to fix your dentures at home as this can lead to much more drastic complications. Our team of expert denturists can help fix your dentures, conduct an oral check-up, and provide a solution all in the same day! Contact us today if you require emergency denture repair services in Scarborough or Port Hope.


1-Hour Emergency Denture Repair FAQs

How do denture emergencies happen?

A denture emergency can occur from the accumulation of daily wear and tear, from dentures that don’t fit correctly, and as a result of dentures not being repaired properly the first time. Also, accidents happen – like dropping your dentures. In the case of a denture emergency where your dentures need immediate repairs, contact our clinic to book a 1-hour emergency denture repair appointment.

How long does it take to repair dentures?

With our state-of-the-art on-site denture repair lab, we are able to provide our patients 1-hour emergency denture repairs. If your dentures need a quick and reliable fix, Apple Denture Clinic has the denture repair services that you’re looking for.

What constitutes as a denture emergency?

Some common denture emergencies that require immediate attention include:

– Broken Denture Base
– Chipped Dentures
– Broken Denture Clips
– Improperly Fitted Dentures
– Cracked Dentures

If you’re experiencing any of the above circumstances, contact our clinic right away to get your dentures repaired as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to fix broken dentures?

You can expect to pay anywhere between $300 – $500 on average for getting your dentures repaired. Since all denture repairs require varying levels of fixes, the cost will fluctuate from one person to the next. Same-day emergency denture repairs may be more expensive depending on the clinic. Although purchasing a DIY kit may seem more cost effective, you will most likely end up spending more money on fixing your dentures after attempting to repair them by yourself.

Can I just repair my dentures by myself?

We strongly advise against attempting to fix your dentures by yourself – for both minor and extensive repairs. There are a lot of denture repair DIY kits online but none can offer the same level of expertise and results that a trained denture technician can. If your dentures need to be repaired, your best bet is to leave it to the professionals.

Can all denture problems be repaired?

Most denture problems can be repaired, however, in certain cases it might be in your best interest to invest into a new set of dentures. Consult with our team of denture experts to find out what your best option is when your dentures are broken or damaged.

"Service was impeccable from start to finish"
Really great place, very clean clinic, friendly staff. They took care of an emergency before a long weekend for me
The doctor and staff are very nice and helpful I recommend this place if you have any dental work to be done
I'm very happy with the services here all the staff are very kind and professional I would highly recommend for anyone to have their denture needs to be met here!
A big difference was attained from their services not just the teeth but the kindness, caring and understanding of our individual needs. Thank you
Excellent place, the staff polite and great customer service they make every effort to serve the customers.Thanks.
Dr. Sergei was very helpful and accommodating. He provided all available options to fix my dentures if my current fix would not work.
Thankfull for your help, Serghei and Livia! I was able to process my insurance benefit! I am very thankful for your patience Livia for dealing so many question from my insurance and from me as well. 🤣 Merry Christmas to you guys! I thank you for your great service! ❤
Truc Nguyen because of you I can smileA million thanks for being so gentle and caringFrom the very start to the end was a very pleasant experienceThe receptionist, Livia is a very sweet , kind and helpful
Ask for Truc Nguyen when you come to this location. She is very patient, detailed oriented, explained the whole process to us and made us feel at home. Wonderful personality from start to finish. I would recommend you visit her for your Denture and Implant solutions.
Thanks to Annie Feng, I have been fitted with this tiny denture. She listened to all my concerns and was able to shape and customize the denture so I barely know I'm wearing it and can put in and out with one hand! Thanks again for a wonderful experience!
Decided to go with Apple Denture clinic based on their excellent reviews and after visiting the clinic for a free complimentary consultation.So happy I made this decision, my experience with the clinic in Scarborough was truly great. The office is very clean and modern, very convenient location with lots of parking and I felt welcome the moment I've stepped in. The service is outstanding and the price is reasonable.I am very grateful to Serghei Ischenco for the amazing job and excellent service, Thank You Serghei! Serghei is very professional, meticulous, a real master in his field and a very pleasant person to deal with. He explained all the procedures, materials used and technologies and addressed all my questions and concerns in a friendly, reassuring manner. It was very kind of him to minimize the number of visits since I had to drive to Scarborough (from Waterloo). The over implants denture he made for me was done quickly and was a perfect fit from the first time I've tried it on. Just a few quick touch ups on the spot and felt like I can forget that I'm wearing dentures. The denture is of high quality, it looks very natural and all the work was done in a gentle, caring way that I really appreciated. I also want to extend my thanks to Livia for taking care of my appointments and for making me feel welcome every time I visited.It was a very positive experience for me I would highly recommend Serghei Ischenco at Apple Denture clinic to everyone who is looking for an excellent denturist.
Truc at Apple Denture is a treasure!My elderly father was very nervous at his first visit and he is also extremely hard of hearing. Truc was so patient and made sure he understood what she was saying and Dad was very comfortable at his next few visits.Today Dad got his new dentures and Truc made sure they were as comfortable as possible and that he knew how to care for them before we left. We never felt rushed and always felt like we were in good hands.

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